Robert Kirkland

Robert Kirkland has reported spending a total of $1,414,483 on independent campaigning through October 2010, with 100% benefiting Republican candidates. Back to group list.

Robert Kirkland has spent more than $1 million to help one candidate: his brother, Ron Kirkland, who is running for the House of Representatives in Tennessee. Robert Kirland is allowed to spend as much as he wants on campaign ads helping his brother, but federal election laws require that the money be spent without coordinating with the candidate. That means the brothers can't legally discuss the race. The spending didn't do much good – farmer Stephen Fincher won the GOP primary Aug. 5.

Race Week before election Two weeks before election Three weeks before election 2010 Total
Tennessee's 8th district
Supporting Ronald Kirkland (R)
$0 $0 $0 $1,414,483
SOURCES: Federal Election Commission filings; Washington Post research

NOTE: Totals represent spending in calendar year 2010 and will change as new filings are made or information is amended. Data includes "electioneering communication" and electronically-filed "independent expenditure" spending reported to the Federal Election Commission. Spending on "issue ads" targeting candidates will not be included if it is more than 30 days before a primary or more than 60 days before the general election. "Weeks on list" shows the total number of weeks that a group or race has been in the top ten throughout the year.

By T.W. Farnam and Nathaniel Vaughn Kelso -- The Washington Post