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Hillary Rodham Clinton
Hillary Rodham Clinton is considering a bid for the Senate from New York. (Reuters)

2000 Key Races

In addition to the presidential race in 2000, 11 governorships, 33 Senate seats and the entire U.S. House of Representatives are up for election. Three Democratic senators have already announced that they will retire, and Democrats, Republicans and interest groups are struggling for control of the House.

Below is Washington Post coverage of the 2000 races thus far this year.

October 1999

First Lady's Broadway Bash Raises Cash (Oct. 26)
Chamber to Spend Big in 2000 Campaign (Oct. 26)
Hillary Clinton Brandishes Liberal Agenda (Oct. 24)
Missouri Senate Race Is Heating Up Early (Oct. 23)
House Whip Wields Fund-Raising Clout (Oct. 18)
Campaign Committees Set Early Cash Records (Oct. 17)
First Lady Sways Health Agency Decision (Oct. 16)

September 1999

Clintons Seek New Financing on Home (Sept. 25)
Ex-Aides Find 2nd Chance With First Lady (Sept. 23)
Hearings on Puerto Rico's Status Sought (Sept. 19)
First Lady Struggles With Learning Curve (Sept. 11)
Puerto Rican Nationalists Freed From Prison (Sept. 11)
12 Puerto Rican Militants Accept Clemency (Sept. 8)
Whitman Rules Out Run for Senate Seat (Sept. 8)
Lawmakers Weigh In on FALN Clemency (Sept. 6)
First Lady Opposes Clemency Offer (Sept. 5)
Clinton Mortgage Deal Raises Questions (Sept. 4)
Chappaqua Braces for the Clintons (Sept. 4)
Clintons Have Deal for a White House in N.Y. (Sept. 3)
Syracuse Bar Hosts Clinton Fund-Raiser (Sept. 3)
Giuliani Has His Day in Court, as a Juror (Sept. 1)
First Lady's Run Viewed as Lobbying Lever (Sept. 1)

August 1999

First Lady Gets Top Billing at New York Fair (Aug. 31)
Clintons Resume N.Y. House Hunt (Aug. 29)
Despite Past, N.Y. GOP Unites for Giuliani (Aug. 28)
Tough Fights for Senate GOP Freshmen (Aug. 22)
Clinton Touts Wife's Senate Bid (Aug. 22)
Clintons Go House-Hunting in New York (Aug. 16)
Battle for House Fuels Cash Race (Aug. 11)
Lazio to Step Aside for Giuliani's Bid (Aug. 11)
Hillary Clinton Welcomed in Bedford-Stuyvesant (Aug. 10)
Minor Parties Play Major Role in N.Y. (Aug. 10)
Pataki Urges N.Y. GOP to Support Giuliani (Aug. 7)
House GOP May Recruit Democrat Goode (Aug. 7)
Hillary Clinton Defends Her Infidelity Interview (Aug. 5)
First Lady Opens Up About Husbandís Trials (Aug. 2)

July 1999

Democrats Blast Giuliani for Flying Ark. Flag (July 29)
The Charm Campaign to Win Forbes Over (July 21)
First Lady Favors 'Ideas' Over Policies (July 18)
Rep. Forbes Becomes a Democrat (July 18)
Rep. Michael Forbes Switching Parties (July 17)
First Lady Launches Fund-Raising Race (July 16)
First Lady Talks About N.Y. House Hunt (July 14)
Gephardt Works Tirelessly to Take Back House (July 12)
First Lady at Best in 'Listening Sessions' (July 12)
'Listening Tour' Becomes Differing Tour (July 10)
Hillary Clinton: Just Listening (July 10)
In N.Y., First Lady Addresses Health Care (July 9)
First Lady Launches N.Y. Bid (July 8)
First Lady Beginning New York 'Listening' Tour (July 7)
The First Lady's Fighting Form (July 6)
For First Lady, a Controversy in Plane Terms (July 3)

June 1999

Giuliani, Forever With His Dukes and Dander Up (June 30)
On Capitol Hill, Keeping Score With Cash (June 26)
First Lady Prepares to Raise Funds (June 15)
Infield Chatter: Hillary Clinton Toasts 'Home' Team (June 11)
Upstate Uncertainty on Clinton: 'Why New York?' (June 10)
Non-Candidate Clinton Hits Not-Quite-Hustings (June 3)
In Divided House, All Eyes on 2000 (June 3)
Panel Backs Curbs on Political Role of Gambling Firms (June 3)

May 1999

White House Staff Juggles Agendas (May 30)
Aides Say First Lady Is Likely to Run (May 20)
A New Conduit Created for 'Soft Money' (May 16)

April 1999

First Lady Weighs Senate Campaign (April 24)
Hillary Clinton Denounces 'Culture of Violence' (April 23)
First Lady Boxes With N.Y. Press (April 20)
Calif. Democrats Feeling a Little Green (April 2)
In Morocco, a Diplomatic Hillary Clinton Emerges (April 1)

March 1999

Colorado Ruling May Change Campaign Finance (March 28)
Movie Studios Still Support Rogan (March 27)
DeLay Enlists Deputies as Fundraisers (March 25)
First Lady Confirms Talks on Senate Bid (March 23)
Term Limits on Chairmen Shake Up House (March 22)
Post Magazine: Hillary Clinton's Dilemma (March 21)
GOP Looks to DeLay in 2000 Elections (March 20)
GOP Sen. Chafee Says He Will Not Run Again (March 16)
Term-Limit Pledges Are Coming Due (March 15)
GOP Sen. Mack to Announce Retirement (March 6)
Party Blasts Gingrich Fund-Raising (March 5)
Eyeing 2000, Democrats Meld Agendas (March 4)
Hillary Clinton Plays Coy, Wows New York (March 4)
Hope, Thy Name Is Hillary, in One Hurting N.Y. Mill Town (March 3)
Rep. Nita Lowey's Senate Bid on Standby (March 2)

February 1999

Miss. Governor Ending Historic Tenure (Feb. 27)
GOP Senate Seats on the Line (Feb. 22)
All's Quiet in the Other Washington (Feb. 22)
Rivals May Cast Chafee as Party Captive (Feb. 22)
Where Trial Is 'Red Meat,' Ashcroft Isn't Indulging (Feb. 22)
Rivals Discuss a Senate Bid by First Lady (Feb. 22)
First Lady, Moynihan Discuss Senate Race (Feb. 20)
Bryan Announces Senate Retirement (Feb. 19)
AFL-CIO Plots a Push for Democratic House (Feb. 18)
Labor Targets Ally Who Crossed Line (Feb. 18)
Lautenberg to Retire From Senate in 2000 (Feb. 18)
First Lady Cautious About a Campaign (Feb. 17)
Clinton: Wife 'Would Be Terrific' as a U.S. Senator (Feb. 16)
First Lady Faces Decision on Senate Bid (Feb. 12)
Scandal's Damage Wide, if Not Deep (Feb. 11)

January 1999

Hillary Clinton-for-Senate Hopes Alive (Jan. 9)

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