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Alabama Governor: Key Stories

Ala. Incumbent Struggles As More in GOP Defect
October 19, 1998
Today, Alabama Gov. Fob James is in trouble and perhaps the most vulnerable GOP governor in a year that is supposed to be good for Republican governors. He is down between 7 and 13 points in three different polls to Democratic Lt. Gov. Don Siegelman and fighting for his political survival. Siegelman, political analysts say, has run a good campaign and promised something the people apparently want: a lottery that would fund college scholarships, a pre-kindergarten program and other education improvements.

Alabama Governor Wins GOP Runoff Race
July 1, 1998
In an unusually bitter gubernatorial contest in a state known for colorful politics, Alabama Gov. Fob James Jr. won the Republican nomination last night against his more moderate rival, businessman Winton Blount.

Democrats Key in Ala. GOP Race
June 30, 1998
The Republican runoff primary between Alabama Gov. Fob James Jr. and businessman Winton Blount is likely to be a close one that could hinge on, of all things, how many Democrats come out to vote.

In Alabama, a GOP Squabble
June 16, 1998
The contest to determine who will represent the Republican Party in this year's governor's race in Alabama has degenerated into a rancorous internecine battle, with the sort of exchanges rarely seen even in partisan general elections.

In Tuesday's Vote Bright Spots for Both Parties
June 4, 1998
As the smoke cleared from primary elections in eight states, Republicans and Democrats battling for the tiniest advantage emerged in a virtual standoff in the fight for control of the House.

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