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Arkansas Senate: The Candidates

Blanche Lambert Lincoln (D) | Fay Boozman (R)
Charley Heffley (Reform)

Primary Contenders:
Winston Bryant (runoff)
Scott Ferguson | Nate Coulter | Tom Prince

Blanche Lambert Lincoln (D)
After three terms in Congress, Lincoln retired in 1996 to raise her twins. Known during her tenure on Capitol Hill as a moderate, she served on the House Commerce Committee, as well as the Democrats' steering and policy committees. Lincoln was the first Democrat to enter the race, saying the Senate needed more mothers. Black political leaders voiced distrust of Lincoln because of her alleged involvement in a 1994 insurance abuse scandal.
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Fay Boozman (R)
A state senator since 1995, Boozman, 51, has strong ties to the religious right and is known for his opposition to abortion. He was the first candidate to announce his candidacy, and has gained the support of the other senator from Arkansas, freshman Tim Hutchinson (R). Boozman, who has made his career as an ophthalmologist, is a Vietnam veteran.
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Charley Heffley (Reform Party)

Primary Contenders
Winston Bryant (D)
Bryant, who is nearing the end of his term as attorney general, was the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate in 1996. He ran neck-and-neck with his opponent during much of the campaign, but lost the bid to Tim Hutchinson (R).
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Nate Coulter (D)
As the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor in 1993, Coulter narrowly lost to now-Gov. Mike Huckabee (R). He served as Bumpers's campaign manager in 1992, staff intern for former senator David Pryor (D) and aide to aide to then-governor Bill Clinton, but has never held public office.
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Scott Ferguson (D)
Ferguson first won election to the Arkansas House of Representatives in 1995, and was reelected in 1997. A physician in a West Memphis outpatient radiology clinic, he focused his primary campaign on the protection of Medicare and Social Security and was expected receive support from black politicians.

Tom Prince (R)
Former Little Rock mayor Tom Prince announced his candidacy shortly before the March 31 filing deadline, saying he had gauged his chances and the race's Republican landscape before throwing his hat into the ring.

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