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Arkansas Senate: Key Stories

Issues of Faith Shape Debates
October 29, 1998
With the pervasive presence of religion in politics, it is no longer surprising that a candidate for public office would so casually reveal her innermost thoughts on God. What is unusual is that Arkansas Senate candidate Blanche Lambert Lincoln is not the Republican challenger, but a centrist Democrat, who attends services at both black and white churches around Arkansas and who addresses parishioners as her "brothers and sisters in Christ." So far, her Bible-based values are helping to give her the edge over her traditional Christian right opponent, Republican Fay Boozman.

Ark. Republican Vying for Visibility
August 31, 1998
Political analysts believe Democratic Senate nominee Blanche Lambert Lincoln has the edge as Democrats struggle to hold their own – or, more likely, keep the GOP from filibuster-proof gains. But they caution that in light of the recent gains by Republicans in this historically Democratic state, it is premature to write off Boozman.

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