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Colorado Governor: Key Stories

Colorado Struggle Typifies Democrats' Erosion in West
October 31, 1998
No other region in the country – not even the deep South
is as overwhelmingly Republican as the Rocky Mountain West has been in recent years, and it is possible that in 1998 the region will become an even more barren landscape for Democrats. Though Democratic candidates have mounted strong campaigns to pick up House seats in Idaho and Utah, they are struggling to hold on to Colorado's governorship and a House seat northwest of Denver – both of which have been theirs since the Watergate election of 1974.

Colorado's Owens Admits Error in Draft Comment
July 20, 1998
Bill Owens, regarded as the front-runner for the GOP gubernatorial nomination in Colorado, stumbled over a draft deferment and spent the end of last week trying to recover his footing.

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