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Georgia Governor: Key Stories

Attack Ads Carpet TV; High Road Swept Away
October 20, 1998
America is again being carpet-bombed by political ads, many of them fiercely negative, and these are some of the politicians taking – and inflicting – the hits. The themes vary from race to race, from education and the environment to health care and gun control, but many of the commercials oversimplify and distort the opponent's position.

Georgia's Centrist of Attention
October 16, 1998
As Georgia Gov. Zell Miller's second term draws to a close, he will leave office as perhaps the most popular governor in the country, with a stratospheric job approval rating of 85 percent. Many political analysts point to Miller's second-term political revival as a parable for how Democrats can rebuild their fractured base in the South.

In Georgia, Carrying on a Tradition of Apathy
September 7, 1998
Not once in Georgia's history has a majority of its citizens voted in an election. In 1996, it ranked as the sixth-lowest state for voter turnout. Yet it is not one of the lowest states for voter registration. Instead, Georgia's problem has been nudging people from the books into the booths.

Bowers Concedes Ga. Governor's Race
July 28, 1998
Former state Attorney General Mike Bowers conceded defeat Tuesday and left millionaire businessman Guy Millner the undisputed Republican nominee for governor of Georgia.

Georgia Official Orders Recount
July 25, 1998
The state's top election official ordered a recount in the Republican gubernatorial primary, unofficially won by multimillionaire Guy Millner by a razor-thin margin.

Ga. Democrat Drops Runoff Bid, Endorses Rival
July 23, 1998
Lewis Massey bowed out of the Democratic gubernatorial runoff today, throwing his support to rival Roy Barnes in hopes of strengthening the party's chance of retaining the governor's office in November.

Millner May Avoid Ga. GOP Runoff
July 23, 1998
In an election with more than its share of strange twists and turns, Georgia Republican Guy Millner appeared to have captured his party's gubernatorial nomination by a hair while his main opponent said he likely would seek a recount.

Ga. Governor's Race Still Sorting Itself Out
July 12, 1998
When the Republicans seeking the party's gubernatorial nomination gathered for a debate a few days ago in Columbus, 100 miles southwest of here, candidate Mike Bowers made clear his displeasure that front-runner Guy Millner was missing from the stage.

Georgia's Evolving Race for Governor
August 11, 1997
The 1998 Georgia governor's race, rocked earlier this year by the disclosure by then front-runner Mike Bowers (R) that he had an adulterous affair with a former employee for more than a decade, was shaken up again – this time on the Democratic side.

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