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Attack Ads Carpet TV; High Road Swept Away
October 20, 1998
America is again being carpet-bombed by political ads, many of them fiercely negative, and these are some of the politicians taking – and inflicting – the hits. The themes vary from race to race, from education and the environment to health care and gun control, but many of the commercials oversimplify and distort the opponent's position.

In Georgia, Carrying on a Tradition of Apathy
September 7, 1998
Not once in Georgia's history has a majority of its citizens voted in an election. In 1996, it ranked as the sixth-lowest state for voter turnout. Yet it is not one of the lowest states for voter registration. Instead, Georgia's problem has been nudging people from the books into the booths.

Ga. Senator's Low Profile Portends Battle
August 30, 1998
In Georgia, many voters still don't know much about Sen. Paul Coverdell (R), the man who in six years has positioned himself as the fourth-highest-ranking Republican in the Senate even though he is 34th in seniority among the party's 55 members. And Democrats are counting on Michael Coles – a multimillionaire cookie magnate from the north Atlanta suburbs – to make Coverdell the third consecutive incumbent to lose the Georgia seat after serving only one term.

GOP Overspent in Georgia Race, Judge Says
Nov. 17, 1994
A federal judge rules that the National Republican Senatorial Committee violated federal election law when it spent nearly $535,000 to help Paul Coverdell win Georgia's 1992 general election runoff for the Senate.

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