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  •   'Ground Zero' in the Fight for the House

    The eight congressional districts in the Ohio River Valley, representing the highest concentration of competitive House races in the nation, are ground zero in the battle for control of the House. This occasional series examines the fight here between Democrats and Republicans as a case study of the 1998 campaign. Map: Ohio River Valley

    Democrats Lean Right and Hold On
    November 5, 1998
    Democrats won half the contested House districts in the crucial Ohio River Valley region by successfully tailoring their campaigns to a generally conservative electorate.

    GOP Spends Millions in Key House Races in Ohio Valley
    October 31, 1998
    The national Republican Party is pouring millions of dollars into eight House districts in the Ohio Valley regarded as key to the outcome of the 1998 congressional election in an effort to exploit Democratic vulnerabilities on such wedge issues as late-term abortion, gun control, crime and gay rights.

    Indiana's Moral Battle on School Vouchers
    September 19, 1998
    The contest between Rep. Julia Carson (D-Ind.) and Republican challenger Gary Hofmeister has become a clash of values, pitting hard-nosed American individualism against compassionate American egalitarianism.

    In Ohio Valley, Democrats Feel Fallout
    September 11, 1998
    Democratic congressional candidates in this political battleground are struggling to craft a strategy to prevent the scandal engulfing President Clinton from fatally undermining their campaigns. And that is proving especially difficult for the non-incumbents.

    In Tightest Races, Early Cash Means Staying Competitive
    July 14, 1998
    For the newcomers who survived their primaries, the first crucial step in establishing the viability of a campaign is fund-raising. When polls are relatively useless and debates are still under preparation, money is the one clear, objective measure of a candidate's strength. For congressional candidates, including those in the eight tight races in the Ohio River Valley, a key deadline is Wednesday, when they must file fund-raising reports with the Federal Election Commission.

    In House Races, Instincts vs. Incumbency
    July 9, 1998
    For all the emphasis placed on focus groups, polling and grand strategies, the harsh fact is that elections often hinge on the quick, hurried and sometimes panicked decisions of newcomers to national politics suddenly thrust into the public spotlight with nothing to fall back on but their instinct and judgment.

    Tight Contests Seen in 3 States
    May 28, 1998
    After primaries in Kentucky this week and in Ohio and Indiana earlier this month, battle lines have been drawn in the cluster of eight congressional districts surrounding the Ohio River Valley – the largest concentration of competitive districts in the nation.

    7-Way Primary Divides Ky. Democrats
    May 26, 1998
    The Democratic Party has a lot riding on candidates like Eck Rose. He understands the land, guns and the courthouse – and is among the last few Democrats able to slow the flood tide of southern whites to the Republican Party.

    GOP Ahead in Midwest Primaries
    May 7, 1998
    In the ground war to control the House, Republicans advanced a step forward, modestly strengthening their chances of retaking an Ohio congressional seat that neither party has held for longer than one term in the 1990s.

    A Bitter Struggle to Define the GOP's Soul
    May 5, 1998
    The battle between the regulars and the righteous for control of the Republican Party has turned at least 15 GOP House primaries and a handful of Senate and gubernatorial nomination contests into bitter disputes over ideology and morality.

    A Hot Spot in Struggle for House
    March 8, 1998
    The Ohio River Valley has become ground zero in the struggle for control of the House. Tough primary and general election contests in seven contiguous congressional districts are testing the strength of the Christian Right and the establishment wings of the Republican Party, the business and labor factions of the Democratic Party, the Clinton agenda and the GOP's conservative message, along with the abortion-guns-crime issues that drove the 1994 Republican Revolution.

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