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North Carolina Senate: Key Stories

Sen. Faircloth: The Man D.C. Loved to Hate
November 5, 1998
Lauch Faircloth, the soon-to-be-former junior senator from North Carolina, never was a devotee of subtlety in public discourse. And so his ambling mortar shots tended to get the attention of Washington's political class and voters.

Edwards Wins NC Senate Fight
November 3, 1998
A wealthy lawyer who refused to take money from political action committees in his first run for office defeated Republican Sen. Lauch Faircloth on Tuesday.

N.C. Senate Race Too Close to Call
October 29, 1998
The North Carolina race has been one to watch from the start. It pits the articulate, telegenic John Edwards, a 45-year-old political newcomer with no public record to pick apart, against the genial but sometimes tongue-tied Sen. Lauch Faircloth, 70, who has been in politics since before Edwards was born. It has become a struggle that evokes a conflict of generations and styles as well as ideologies, issues and parties. Polls indicate the race is too close to call, one of the tightest in the country, and the Faircloth camp is running scared.

North Carolina's Stark Clash
July 11, 1998
The highly charged race between Sen. Lauch Faircloth (R-N.C.) and Democratic trial lawyer John Edwards has something for everyone: a clash of ideologies, generations, powerful economic interests and personal styles.

Faircloth Invokes D.C. Power Shift in N.C. Campaign
June 4, 1998
The North Carolina senator responsible for reducing Mayor Marion Barry to a virtually ceremonial role is touting that accomplishment in a fund-raising letter as he faces a tough reelection campaign.

Terry Sanford, Ex-U.S. Senator and N.C. Governor, Dies
April 19, 1998
Terry Sanford, the former Senator who lost his 1992 reelection campaign to his old friend, Sen. Lauch Faircloth, died of cancer yesterday at his home in Durham, N.C.

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