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Ohio Senate

Filing Deadline: Feb. 19
Primary: May 5

Nov. 4, 1998 — George V. Voinovich (R) defeated was the former Cuyahoga County commissioner Mary Boyle (D) in his bid for retiring Democratic Sen. John Glenn's seat. Voinovich won 56 percent and Boyle won 44 percent, with 99 percent of precincts reporting.

Issues: Taxes and school funding dominated this race. They also argued over the environment, trade and political fund-raising in one debate Oct. 16. Voinovich's critics had a field day over his support for the tax hike. A February Wall Street Journal editorial said Voinovich "never met a tax he didn't like," and Boyle claimed she had found his political Achilles' heel. In addition, Democrats attacked Voinovich for his starring role in business-funded television ads last fall promoting a ballot initiative aimed at changing Ohio's system for workers' compensation.

Polls: The Ohio Poll, conducted Oct. 22-26, showed Voinovich with a 28-point lead: he had 62 percent to Boyle's 34 percent. Another survey, conducted Oct. 25-27 by Mason-Dixon Political/Media Research, showed Voinovich with 55 percent and Boyle with 37 percent.

Fund-Raising: Voinovich raised more than $6.7 million, spent $5.4 million and had $1.3 million in cash on hand in mid-October. Boyle raised just over $2 million, spent $1.9 million and had $132,000 in cash on hand.

— Lisa Todorovich,

Lisa Todorovich can be reached at

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