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  •   Christian Coalition Plans Calif. Drive

    By Thomas B. Edsall
    Sunday, March 8, 1998; Page A09

    The Christian Coalition plans to flood a California congressional district encompassing Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties with voter guides and get-out-the-vote phone calls in a last-minute drive to get conservative voters to the polls Tuesday for a special House election between Republican Tom Bordonaro and Democrat Lois Capps.

    The coalition will distribute the 100,000 voter guides through 160 churches in the district and make 15,000 phone calls to "pro-family" voters in what is predicted to be a close race to pick a successor to Rep. Walter Capps (D-Calif.), who died earlier this year.

    The group has already sent voter guides by postcard to 25,000 voters expected to cast absentee ballots.

    The race has won national attention, pitting Capps's widow, who supports abortion rights, against the very conservative and antiabortion Bordonaro.

    On the left, the National Abortion Rights Action League and, on the right, Gary Bauer's Campaign for Working Families, are among the groups making independent expenditures attempting to sway the voters.

    The coalition's voter guides are ostensibly neutral, but they are meant to go primarily to conservative voters who agree with Bordonaro's support of school vouchers, for a ban on affirmative action and for an end to most abortions. Lois Capps takes the opposing view on these and a number of other issues.

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