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Partners: Elections 1998
Full Post Coverage of the National Elections From Nov. 4, 1998 Democrats Score Significant Upsets; GOP Struggles to Hold Hill Margins
Boxer Barbara Boxer cheers her reelection in California. (Reuters)
In a surprising show of strength, Democrats fought Republicans to a virtual draw in a fiercely contested midterm election.

A Party Relieved, Reinvigorated
Analysis: Democrats who once thought they were facing the firing squad instead woke up with a new lease on life.

For Clinton, the Outlook Brightens
There were probably no two senators more despised at the White House than Alfonse D'Amato (R-N.Y.) and Lauch Faircloth (R-N.C.)

Minnesota's Surprise: 'Governor Body'
Jesse "The Body" Ventura won a three-way race for governor of Minnesota, delivering a harsh body blow to the political pros.

Poll Shows Democratic Gains With Key Voters
Democratic candidates performed much better than expected by building a strong coalition of organized labor, black and Hispanic voters, and by making strong inroads among white men and the middle class.

House: Democrats Narrow GOP's Edge in House
Democrats became the first presidential party in more than six decades to pick up House seats in a midterm election, but they fell short of wresting control back from the Republican Party.

Senate: GOP's Hopes for Gain Thwarted
Democrats thwarted Republican hopes of significantly expanding their 10-vote margin in the Senate.

Governors: State Houses Change Parties
Democrats ended Republican dominance of the nation's most-populous state, crowning an Election Day that included an unexpected Democratic revival in the South.

Ballot Battles: Affirmative Action Ban Leading in Wa.
Washington state was poised to join California in banning the use of racial and gender preferences in government hiring and contracting and in university admissions.

Gingrich: An Easy Victory, an Uneasy Future
House Speaker Newt Gingrich faces an uneasy future.

N.Y.: 'Senator Pothole' Gets Run Over by Schumer
New York Senator Alfonse D'Amatao was finally pushed off the cliff by Rep. Charles E. Schumer, the sharp-elbowed son of a Brooklyn exterminator.

Calif.: Davis, Boxer Win in Key State for Democrats
For the first time in two decades Democrats will be dominant in a state that will be critical in the 2000 presidential and congressional elections.

The South: Democrats Enjoy a Surge of Support
Democrats experienced a resurgence in the South, winning a a series of elections in a region that in recent years had turned Republican.

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