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    Thursday, November 5, 1998; Page A46

    Among top ballot issues decided Tuesday:


    Colorado: Required parental notification for minors; defeated ban on late-term procedures that opponents call "partial-birth" abortions.

    Washington: Defeated ban on late-term abortions.


    Washington: Banned state and local agencies from granting preferences based on race, ethnicity, national origin, gender in public employment, contracting, higher education.


    Alaska: Defeated ban on wolf snares.

    Arizona: Banned cockfighting.

    California: Banned steel leg traps.

    California: Outlawed slaughter of horses, sale of horsemeat for human consumption.

    Ohio: Defeated ban on hunting mourning doves.

    Minnesota: Amended constitution to declare hunting and fishing part of state's heritage.

    Missouri: Made animal fighting a felony; specifically banned cockfighting, bear wrestling.

    Montana: Kept requirement for out-of-state hunters to hire guides in order to guarantee hunting permits.

    Utah: Required two-thirds majority to pass future wildlife initiatives.


    Michigan: Rejected physician-assisted suicide.


    Iowa: Added "and women" to sentence in constitution guaranteeing men "certain inalienable rights."

    Florida: Added clause "female and male alike" to constitutional requirement that "all natural persons are equal before the law."

    New Hampshire: Retained male pronouns in constitution's description of officeholders.

    South Carolina: Abolished constitution's ban on interracial marriage.

    Utah: Erased constitutional provision protecting women's assets from paying husbands' debts.


    California: Rejected measure to end power customers' obligation to pay off $28 billion in utility debt, saving deregulation deal.

    Massachusetts: Affirmed support for new deregulation system.


    Alaska: Banned small directional signs on private land along state roads.

    Montana: Banned cyanide in new gold mines.

    Oregon: Rejected clear-cutting limits.

    South Dakota: Restricted corporate farming in effort to weaken huge hog farms and curb their pollution.


    Alaska: Amended constitution to define marriage as union of one man, one woman.

    Hawaii: Amended constitution to allow legislature to ban same-sex marriage.


    California: Allowed Indian casinos to offer slots, lotteries, card games, other gambling.

    Missouri: Legalized slot machines on casinos floating in artificial basins; previously restricted to riverboat casinos on Mississippi and Missouri rivers.


    Florida: Allowed counties to pass laws on gun sales, closing loophole in state and federal law that permits unlicensed dealers to sell guns without background check or waiting period.


    Alaska, Nevada, Washington: Legalized marijuana use for people with certain illnesses. Also voting: Oregon.

    District of Columbia: Results withheld under pressure from Congress, which halted funding for referendum.

    Arizona: Restored 1996 citizen-approved law legalizing marijuana and other drugs for medical use, rejected legislative alternative.


    Massachusetts: Passed plan to provide public money for political campaigns. Arizona passed similar measure.

    California: Refused to limit presidential primaries to voters of specific parties.

    Oakland, Calif.: Created "strong" mayor with veto power over council legislation and authority over city manager.

    Oregon: Reserved public employee unions' rights to use some workers' dues for political purposes; competing measure would prohibit unions from using dues for politics.

    Oregon: Required all votes to be cast by mail.


    California: Approved $9.2 billion in bonds for school repair.

    Colorado: Defeated income tax credit for parents of school-age children.


    Cincinnati: Rejected siting of taxpayer-funded ballpark for Reds several blocks from Ohio river.

    Denver: Extended penny-per-$10 sales tax to help build $360 million stadium for football's Broncos, replacing Mile High Stadium.

    San Diego: Approved city expenditure of $275 million on stadium for baseball's Padres.


    Arizona: Rejected allowing candidates for federal office to pledge to work toward scrapping Internal Revenue Service and have pledge noted on ballots.

    California: Raised cigarette tax 50 cents, to 87 cents a pack, to benefit children and family programs.

    Montana: Amended constitution so voters must approve increases in most state, local taxes and fees.

    Nebraska: Defeated limit on state and local government taxes.

    South Dakota: Defeated ban on future use of property taxes for education.

    Source: Associated Press

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