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    The Bogeyman Unmasked: TV in the '98 Senate Races
    Dec. 7, 1998
    There's a popular myth that broadcast advertising is to blame for the skyrocketing cost of campaigns, but the simple truth is that most Senate races – like most House races – are not terribly competitive. In 1998, 60 percent of all Senate incumbents and three-quarters of all House incumbents won 60 percent or more of the vote. And while 1998 saw some of the most expensive Senate races in recent memory, a burning need for more air time was hardly the only culprit in most contests.

    Flying Those Corporate-Friendly Skies
    Oct. 7, 1998
    Just imagine: a corporate jet at your disposal 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Imagine knowing you could use that jet without having to pay more than the cost of a first-class airline ticket. Imagine that someone else would even pick up the cost of that first-class ticket. Sound too good to be true? Then you've never been a member of the United States Congress.

    The 1996 Freshman Class Is Largely Safe At Home
    Sept. 2, 1998
    House incumbents are like most good baseball pitchers. If you're going to beat them, you'd better get them before they settle into a rhythm. If the members of the 1996 freshman class came in as novices to the game, they've certainly learned their way around. After just two years on the job, most freshmen have hit their incumbency stride and are so well entrenched that they are primed to hold their seats for a very long time.

    It's an Incumbent's World
    Aug. 10, 1998
    Talk about a stacked deck. The deadline for potential House candidates to declare their bids has not yet passed in a number of states, but all signs indicate that more than 100 House incumbents will run unopposed this November. And the good news for incumbents doesn't begin to stop there.

    The NRA: Political Behemoth Or Overblown Player?
    July 6, 1998
    Widely seen as having lost much of its clout, the National Rifle Association has turned to actor and longtime member Charlton Heston in hopes that he can help restore its reputation as one of the 900-pound gorillas of American politics. Looking at the NRA's political track record, it's debatable whether that lofty reputation was ever justified.

    Financial Iceberg Not Sinking Moseley-Braun's Campaign
    June 8, 1998
    With a little more than six months of campaigning to go, freshman Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun (D-Ill.) should be sitting on a huge war chest as she prepares to defend her seat for the first time. Instead, she is living what can only be described as a campaign finance nightmare. But she may awaken to find herself and her campaign surviving just fine.

    Big-Money Donors Still Giving Early and Often
    April 21, 1998
    Despite all of the negative press over fund-raising excesses during the 1996 elections, money keeps pouring into federal campaign coffers at a dizzying pace.

    Walking the Walk on Campaign Finance
    March 20, 1998
    Many Senate and House members decry money's corrupting influence on politics, yet they continue the constant chase for cash and defend their actions by reciting the "I-hate-the-system-but-will-live-within-its-rules-
    as-long-as-I-must" mantra. Two lawmakers, however, prove that not everyone in Washington just talks the talk of reform.

    New York's Junior Senator Running For His Political Life
    Feb. 19, 1998
    Republican Sen. Alfonse M. D'Amato may not be running scared, but as he nears the end of his third term he is most definitely running hard. Rarely a candidate with very positive poll numbers or large margins of victory, D'Amato's fund-raising prowess is nonetheless legendary.

    The State of Campaign Finance: It Could Be Worse
    Jan. 23, 1998
    While the well-chronicled excesses of the 1996 presidential race provided the most compelling case for campaign finance reform in more than 20 years, a threadbare, patchwork system of campaign finance reporting at the state level makes a mockery of public disclosure.

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