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    State of Play

    Alaska: Money Pours In For Medical Marijuana Measure

    State Capital Strategies
    Friday, Oct. 16, 1998

    Billionaire philanthropist George Soros lent more than his two cents to an Alaska group supporting a statewide proposition to permit marijuana use for medical purposes. Americans for Medical Rights, a California-based, Soros-backed organization, gave $126,000 to Alaskans for Medical Rights to advocate Proposition 8. The measure would allow cancer patients or others facing chronic debilitating diseases to possess up to an ounce of marijuana. The patients would need written documentation from a physician as well as state registration to possess marijuana legally.

    Alaskans for Medical Rights has raised $134,000 for the cause. The proposition 's opponents, Citizens Against Ballot Proposition 8, organized last week and reported only one contribution: a $750 in-kind donation of staff time, phone equipment and supplies from Worksafe Inc., the drug-testing lab where the group's chairman and treasurer work.

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    California | Colorado | Illinois

    California: GOP's Lungren Gaining Ground on Davis


    Attorney General Dan Lungren, the GOP gubernatorial nominee, has cut Democratic Lt. Gov. Gray Davis's lead in the polls to striking distance, according to the October Field Poll. The survey showed Davis with 48 percent and Lungren with 42 percent; just 5 percent of respondents said they were undecided. Other polls showed Lungren trailing by 12 points a month ago. Davis continues to hold the financial advantage, with $8 million left to spend on television – $3 million more than Lungren. Moreover, Davis holds a significant lead over Lungren among independent voters, which could help him hold on until Election Day.

    Key Race: California Governor

    Colorado: Governor's Race Tops $2 Million; Owens Raises Most


    State Treasurer Bill Owens has raised more than $1.3 million in his Republican gubernatorial bid, with a reported $585,000 left in cash on hand for the final weeks of the campaign. Democratic Lt. Gov. Gail Schoettler has raised $780,000 and has $254,000 remaining. Sources said Schoettler plans to purchase TV time on a week-to-week basis as her fund-raising continues. Both candidates pledged to cap spending at $2 million.

    Key Race: Colorado Governor

    Illinois: Controversy Roils Over Television Ad in Governor's Race


    A recent television ad from Democratic gubernatorial nominee Glenn Poshard that blamed GOP nominee George Ryan for the deaths of six children in a fiery car accident several years ago stirred up controversy. A truck driver who reportedly was not properly licensed caused the accident. As secretary of state, Ryan is responsible for licensing vehicles and professional drivers. Top Democrats including former Democratic senator Paul Simon say the spot was tasteless, and some critics predict a backlash. But Poshard has little to lose: Though investigations continue into charges of bribery and "selling" licenses, polls show Ryan with a solid lead.

    Federal agents arrested several employees from the secretary of state's office in recent weeks for allegedly selling truck licenses to unqualified applicants. New charges surfaced last week about the sale of truck licenses and campaign contributions that allegedly resulted.

    Key Race: Illinois Governor

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