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  •   For Alexander PAC Outposts, Location Is a Primary Factor

    By Ruth Marcus and Howard Kurtz
    Sunday, December 21, 1997; Page A13

    Lamar Alexander, the once and likely future Republican presidential candidate, is opening two branch offices of his political action committee, Campaign for a New American Century, early next year. Care to guess where these outposts just happen to be?

    Bingo! Des Moines and Concord, N.H. And how did the PAC – which of course is separate from Alexander's little-disguised presidential ambitions – select those locations?

    Well, said PAC political director Brian Kennedy, New England and the Midwest "are key battleground states for Republicans in the election of 1998." Des Moines only made sense for Alexander's midwestern office because the PAC's new chair is Gov. Terry E. Branstad. And, said Kennedy, "As far as Concord, it's centrally located." Kennedy was interviewed by telephone so it was impossible to determine whether he managed to get out that line with a straight face.

    Coming next, trademark red-and-black plaid office wallpaper.

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