Map of fundraising hotspots

Hillary Clinton

  • Aspen, Colo.: Fundraiser in July.
  • The Hamptons: Fundraiser hosted by Alan and Susan Patricof in the East Hamptons. Early August.
  • Nantucket: Fundraiser hosted by Elizabeth Bagley, former ambassador to Portugal. Aug. 24.
  • Martha's Vineyard: A fundraiser at the Tabernacle on Martha's Vineyard. $50 per ticket. Aug. 24-25.
  • Martha's Vineyard: Fundraiser at the home of former Viacom Chief Executive Frank Biondi and wife Carol. Aug. 25.

Howard Dean

  • The Hamptons: Democratic National Committee finance reception on Aug. 3.
  • The Hamptons: DNC Finance AALC (African American Leadership Council) reception. Wainscott, NY. Aug. 4.
  • Fire Island, N.Y.: DNC Finance GLCC (Gay and Lesbian Leadership Council) breakfast, Fire Island, NY. Aug. 5.
  • Jackson Hole, Wyo.: DNC Finance Reception, Jackson Hole, WY. Aug. 6.
  • Ketchum, Idaho: Fundraising dinner on Aug. 8.
  • Martha's Vineyard: A $50-a-head function at the home of Connie Borde on East Chop. Aug. 16.
  • Martha's Vineyard: DNC Finance reception, Martha’s Vineyard, MA. Aug. 16.
  • Little Compton, R.I.: DNC Finance Reception, Little Comton, R.I. Aug. 17.
  • Aspen, Colo.: DNC Finance reception, Aspen, CO. Aug. 22.

John Edwards

  • Aspen, Colo.: John Edwards gave a speech at the Aspen Institute and held a fundraising luncheon afterward. Aug. 9.
  • Martha's Vineyard: A fundraiser at the home of Alex H. MacDonald and Maureen A. Strafford in Chilmark, with admission set at $50 a head. Aug. 24.
  • The Hamptons: Fundraiser at the home of George Magazine co-founder Michael Berman. Aug. 10.
  • The Hamptons: Fundraiser at the home of Dennis Erdman, a television producer and director, in East Hampton. $250 per person. Aug. 12.

Barack Obama

  • Nantucket: A fundraiser at the home of Chicago investment banker Lou Sussman. July 19.
  • Jackson Hole, Wyo.: Fundraiser on Aug. 5.
  • Cape Cod: Fundraiser on Aug. 12.
  • Martha's Vineyard: Fundraiser on Aug. 28 at the home of Ron and Judy Davenport, founders of Pittsburgh-based Sheridan Broadcasting.
  • Santa Barbara, Calif.: Fundraiser hosted by Oprah Winfrey at her Santa Barbara estate. Sept. 8.

Bill Richardson

  • Jackson Hole, Wyo.: Fundraiser near Jackson Hole, WY. Aug. 28.

Rudy Giuliani

  • Nantucket: Fundraiser at the Nantucket Golf Club. August.
  • Ketchum, Idaho: Fundraiser hosted by Rockwell Schnabel, the former U.S. ambassador to the European Union under President George W. Bush. Aug. 23.

John McCain

Mitt Romney

  • Martha's Vineyard: A fundraiser at the home of Kate and Jim Sims in Oak Bluffs. Aug. 18. $500 per person for the general reception or $1,000 for the leadership reception. Those who contributed $2,300 had a photo opportunity added.
  • Nantucket: (Attended by Ann Romney) Fundraiser hosted by Melanie Sabelhaus, former official at U.S. Small Business Association. Aug. 28.
  • Jackson Hole, Wyo.: Fundraiser in Jackson Hole, WY. Aug. 28.

Fred Thompson

  • Cape Cod: A fundraiser in North Chatham, MA. Late July.

By Michael D. Shear and Nathaniel Vaughn Kelso, The Washington Post - August 22, 2007

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