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    Early Returns
    A daily dose of online news from beyond the Beltway.

    Caucus Countdown at 364 Days

    By Ryan Thornburg Staff
    Monday, February 8, 1999

    Barring any sneak attacks by other states trying to creep up on Iowa's status as the first state to hold presidential caucuses, the first votes to choose nominees for the White House will be cast exactly one year from yesterday.

    "I know everyone is going to call it the Road Kill Bill, but it's common sense legislation."
    – Tennessee state Sen. Tim Burchett (R), cosponsor of a bill legalizing the eating of road kill. (The Associated Press, Feb. 6)

    All Your Questions About the Iowa Caucuses Answered (The Des Moines Register, Feb. 8)
    Caucus Courtship Under Way (The Des Moines Register, Feb. 8)
    These Politics Really Are Local (The Des Moines Register, Feb. 8)

    Ohio Official Wants to Move Primary
    Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell (R) said he would like his state to follow the lead of several others and move its primary date up from March 21 to March 4.
    Move Primary Date Up, Blackwell Says (The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Feb. 8)

    Reform Party Loses Place on California Ballot
    Because no statewide Reform Party candidate won more than 2 percent of the vote in California last year, the party has lost ballot status for 2000.
    Reform, Peace & Freedom Parties Fail to Retain a Place on Ballot (Los Angeles Times, Feb. 6)

    Jim Talent May Run for Missouri Governor
    U.S. Rep. Jim Talent (R) is expected to announce today that he is running for Missouri governor in 2000. At least seven Republicans and two Democrats have expressed an interest in running for Talent's House seat.
    Talent Decision Today May Spark a Rush of Activity to Succeed Him (The Post-Dispatch, Feb. 8)
    Congressional Guide Rep. Jim Talent (R-Mo.) (

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