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Presidential Money Race (9/1/04 - 9/30/04)
Cash on Hand (9/30/04) $36.8 million
Federal Funds (Received in Sept.) $74.6 million
Total Disbursements $44.3 million
Cash on Hand (9/30/04) $37.1 million
Federal Funds (Received in Aug.) $74.6 million
Total Disbursements $26.5 million
Note: The Bush-Cheney '04 campaign received federal funds shortly after President Bush accepted the Republican presidential nomination on Sept. 2 and is prohibited from spending money raised before then. Sen. Kerry accepted the Democratic nomination July 29 and his campaign was then limited to spending only federal funds.
Campaign Finance Reports: Party Money
Republican National Committee $93,577,251
National Republican Congressional Committee $25,587,757
National Republican Senatorial Committee $22,488,596
TOTAL $141,653,604
Democratic National Committee $55,671,864
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee $20,848,852
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $10,584,957
TOTAL $87,105,673
Most Visited States Updated 11/2/04
Tracking of campaign visits started on March 3, 2004 after it was clear that Sen. John F. Kerry was going to be the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.
President Bush Sen. John. F. Kerry
Ohio (20 visits) Ohio (29 visits)
Pennsylvania (19 visits) Florida (28 visits)
Florida (18 visits) Pennsylvania (22 visits)
Iowa (14 visits) Wisconsin (21 visits)
13 Visits: Mich., Wis. 12 Visits: Iowa, Mass.
Pundits' Picks: The Hottest Races
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How Pundits Pick's Pundits' Picks lists are compiled of races that some of Washington's top non-partisan analysts say are "toss ups" or "too close to call" in November's election. These are the congressional and gubernatorial races that are likely to be the most hotly contested in the country. For a race to be included on our list, it must be picked by at least one of these analysts: Charlie Cook, Stuart Rothenberg, Congressional Quarterly's political staff, or Larry Sabato. The numbers next to each race indicate the number of analysts that included the race on their list. The list is updated when pundit predictions change.
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