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Elections 1998
435 of 435 decided
House Current Wins +/-
Dem 206 211 +5
GOP 228 223 -5
Ind 1 1 0
34 of 34 decided
Senate Current Wins +/-
Dem 45 18 0
GOP 55 16 0
36 of 36 decided
Governors Current Wins +/-
Dem 17 11 0
GOP 32 23 -1
Ind 1 2 +1
Shaken GOP Turns on Its Own
Newt Gingrich (AP)
Shaken by the strong Democratic showing on Tuesday, Republicans are turning on one another. The GOP expected big gains but lost five House seats and broke even in the Senate.
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The Senate
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Aftermath: GOP Scaling Back Hyde Hearings

Exit Polls: Voters Shift to Middle

Minn.: Reforms Helped Ventura Win Gov. Race

Calif.: Democratic Sweep Could Have Lasting Impact

Ballot Battles: Initiatives Bypass Traditional Lawmaking

Ground Zero: Democrats Lean Right in Ohio River Valley

Outside Influence: Big Money Redefines Illinois Rematch

Issue Ads: Outside Money Wasn't Everything

Legislatures: Democrats Gain Seats at State Level

N.C.: Faircloth Was Sen. D.C. Loved to Hate


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