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    Alexis M. Herman
    (By Bill O'Leary
    for The Washington Post)
    Alexis M. Herman
    Labor Secretary

    Contact Information
    Background from The Post

    Both labor unions and congressional Republicans initially opposed the nomination of longtime Democratic operative Alexis Herman to the Clinton Cabinet. Her role as director of public liaison at the White House had brought controversy – particularly her attendance at the now-infamous White House coffees. After taking office, however, Herman was widely praised for her handling of the UPS strike in the summer of 1997.

    Sworn in: May 9, 1997

    Succeeded: Robert Reich

    Previous occupation: Assistant to President Clinton and director of the White House Public Liaison Office, 1993-96; deputy director of the Presidential Transition Office, 1992; chief executive officer of the 1992 Democratic National Convention Committee, 1991-92; chief of staff at the DNC; founder and president of A.M. Herman & Associates; the Labor Department's Women's Bureau, 1977-81; national director of the Minority Women Employment Program of R-T-P Inc., in Atlanta; social worker for Catholic Charities, 1969.

    Education: Xavier University, 1969

    Hometown: Mobile, Ala.

    Of note: Herman is the country's 23rd Labor secretary and the first African American in the position. She is the fourth woman to serve as secretary in the agency's 84-year history.

    Department of Labor
    200 Constitution Ave. NW
    Washington, D.C. 20210
    (202) 219-6666
    FAX: (202) 219-8699

    Background from The Post

    Outside Prosecutor Requested for Herman
    May 12, 1998
    Extension Granted in Herman Probe
    March 11, 1998
    Herman Denies Allegations Of Influence-Selling Scheme
    Jan. 16, 1998
    Labor Secretary Is Probed by Justice Dept.
    Jan. 15, 1998
    For Alexis Herman, a Proving Ground
    Aug. 20, 1997
    Herman Sworn In as Labor Secretary
    May 10, 1997
    Herman Confirmed for Cabinet After Concession by President
    May 1, 1997
    Clinton Assails GOP Delay on Herman Vote
    April 21, 1997
    Senators Go Easy On Labor Nominee
    March 19, 1997
    White House Rallies Constituent Groups For Embattled Labor Nominee Herman
    Feb. 22, 1997
    Labor Unions Press Senate to Back Herman
    Feb. 20, 1997
    White House: Herman Never Saw Final Coffee Guest List
    Feb. 5, 1997
    DNC Fund-Raising Flap Snags Labor Nominee
    Jan. 30, 1997
    After Pitched Battle, Herman Wins Out
    Dec. 21, 1996

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