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    By Peter Baker
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Saturday, December 14, 1996; Page A10

    Cabinet nominations have been known to sink before, but rarely quite so fast.

    Just moments after President Clinton presented his choice for commerce secretary during a nationally televised news conference yesterday, William Daley suddenly lunged forward and fell off the stage, sending a scare through the crowded room.

    Daley landed at the feet of several journalists, and White House officials rushed to his aid. Clinton appeared shocked and stared with his mouth wide open for several seconds before hurrying over and calling out, "Where's my doctor?" Daley, who was woozy but conscious, held his hand to his head and was helped to his feet and out of the room.

    "I think he's fine; he fainted," Clinton told the assembled reporters and aides before returning to the business at hand.

    Daley, 48, had seemed tense as he stood under the hot klieg lights, and the White House later reported that he had not had lunch. A White House doctor checked him on the scene, gave him apple juice to elevate his low blood sugar and otherwise determined that his vital signs were fine. Daley reappeared in the auditorium about 10 minutes later, looking chagrined but unhurt, and spent the rest of the day recalling that it was, after all, Friday the 13th.

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