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Military Station

This quick tour highlights features you'll find on the major Web sites for the U.S. military. Most of the sites are sophisticated, well-organized and easy to search.

From The Post
A two-part series on the military retirees who make D.C. home base.

All recent stories about the U.S. military.

Primary Branches of the Military
Air Force
Look up biographies of Air Force leaders; browse images of aircraft, operations and events; and get answers to frequently asked questions. The Thunderbird flight squadron, "Airman" magazine and the Air Force Reserve also have sites. For news updates, see articles from The Post or Air Force press releases.

If you've lost touch with old Army friends, start looking here. Weapons buffs will enjoy descriptions and photos of strategic weapons systems. You can also get answers to frequently asked questions. The magazine "Soldiers" and Army Reserve also have sites.

For news updates, see articles from The Post, the AP, or press releases from the Army (scroll down a couple of screens).

Marine Corps
The Marine site is divided into sections for marines, their families, and the public. Also of interest are details on Quantico, where officers begin their careers, and the annual Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C. "Marines" magazine and the Marine Corps Reserve also have sites.

For news updates, see recent articles from The Post or Marine Corps press releases.

If you can't get enough of ships, planes and subs, the Navy site has just the digital images and craft descriptions you're looking for. You can also visit the carrier USS Kitty Hawk or get the Blue Angels' schedule. The site's detailed index is very helpful. The magazine "All Hands" and the Naval Reserve Force also have sites.

For news updates, see articles from The Post or Navy press releases.

U.S. Coast Guard
The Coast Guard site has a kids' corner and facts about the organization. The Boating Safety office has tips for boaters, and the Coast Guard Reserve also has a site.

For news updates, see article from The Post or Coast Guard press releases.

Military Academies
Air Force Academy
The Air Force Academy's site features Peterson's Guide to the academy's history, admissions information and an overview of protocol.

U.S. Military Academy at West Point
For Army fans, the West Point Web site features scores and rosters. You can also find out how to get in to the academy or find the e-mail address of a cadet.

U.S. Naval Academy
Sift through application material or tour the academy's 150-year history. If you've been there and done that, visit the alumni Homeport.

U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Admission requirements are outlined here, along with information about the athletic program. Or get the inside scoop on cadet life.

Military Agencies and Other Resources
This is the headquarters of the Department of Defense. Get stats and facts about the world's largest office building or arrange a tour to see it for yourself.

The umbrella site DefenseLink is a good starting point for any military news or links.

Defense Intelligence Agency
This organization works for and with all the military services. Sort through employment opportunites at the DIA, or tour the Central Intelligence Agency while here.

Department of Veterans Affairs
Provides information on VA programs, veterans benefits, VA facilities worldwide, and VA medical automation software.

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