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Employee Internet Access Varied Significantly Among Federal Organizations

The 42 federal organizations reported having about 3.4 million civilian and military employees, to which they provided e-mail access to about 1.7 million employees, or about 50 percent. Furthermore, they provided about 1 million employees, or about 31 percent, with WWW access. It should be noted that more employees may have access to the WWW through their organization's library or common workstations, but we sought information only on those having access at their workstations.

When viewed organization by organization, the extent that federal organizations provided e-mail access to their employees varied widely. For example, the Department of Justice reported providing about 8 percent of its approximately 102,000 employees with e-mail access, while the Departments of Education and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) reported providing e-mail access to 100 percent of their approximately 5,000 and 11,000 employees, respectively. All 42 federal organizations reported providing at least a portion of their employees with Internet e-mail access.

Similarly, WWW access varied significantly. The Departments of Justice and the Treasury reported providing about 8 percent of their approximately 102,000 and 144,000 employees with WWW access, while HUD reported providing 100 percent of its 11,000 employees with WWW access. All but one federal organization reported providing at least a portion of their employees with WWW access at their workstations.6 Appendix VI provides the information reported to us on the number of employees having Internet e-mail and WWW access in each federal organization.

6 The Corporation for National Service reported providing WWW access to its employees only through common workstations, not at individual employees' desktop workstations.

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