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The FEC's Disclosure Reports.

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The Associated Press
Tuesday, January 6, 1998;
Page A11

The Federal Election Commission has begun publishing digital images of campaign finance records on its Web site, allowing those with Internet access to look up reports on many candidates, political parties and political action committees.

Until now, the FEC had the reports -- which list donor names, how much candidates and parties raised and how much they spent -- available for viewing only at its office in Washington.

This new addition to its Web site will dramatically broaden public access to campaign finance information, the agency said. There is no charge for looking at the reports.

All 1997-98 reports filed by PACs, political parties, presidential campaigns and House campaigns are available for viewing. Reports dating back to 1993 for PACs, parties and presidential committees will be available in the coming weeks as will 1996 reports for House candidates. Senate campaign reports are not available.

The FEC's Web site address is

The University of Southern California's Citizens Research Foundation also recently began publishing FEC reports on its Web site. The address is

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