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West Virginia Primaries: The Path to Victory

Explore the map to see how each candidate performed across West Virginia's 55 counties.

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NOTE: For the West Virginia Democrats, there will be standard Democratic proportional allocation, with 28 pledged delegates awarded based on the primary vote (18 by district, 7 at-large and 3 party leaders and elected officials).

The West Virginia Republicans held their state convention on Feb. 5, and in that event awarded 18 at-large delegates to Mike Huckabee. Tonight, the West Virginia Republicans will allocate 9 district delegates based on the primary vote (winner take all by congressional district; 3 delegates per district). However, as John McCain is the presumptive Republican nominee, results from the West Virginia Republican primary will have no impact on the Republican race.

SOURCE: Associated Press | GRAPHIC: By Alyson Hurt, Eric Pianin and Larry Sanderson,; Nathaniel Vaughn Kelso, The Washington Post

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