Virginia: The New Battleground

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[Map showing Virginia population densities]
MAP: A State in Play
This decade, Democrats such as Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, Sen. James Webb and former governor Mark Warner have won statewide races in Virginia, but Republicans still dominated the presidential elections. Sen. Barack Obama is trying to close that gap.

Recent Elections

2008 Dem Primary

Obama (D) 64%

Clinton (D) 35%

2008 GOP Primary

McCain (R) 50%

Huckabee (D) 41%

2007 Demographic Report

  • Population: 7,642,884
  • Gender: 49.2% male, 50.8% female
  • Median Household Income: $56,277
  • Families Below Poverty Level: 6.8%
  • Full Demographic Report »

2005 Governor

Kaine (D) 52%

Kilgore (R) 46%

2004 President

Bush (R) 54%

Kerry (D) 45%

2001 Governor

Warner (D) 52%

Earley (R) 47%

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