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Complete Listing of Worries

Sunday, November 7, 1999

These responses are based on a Washington Post poll conducted by random telephone interviews with 1,010 adults conducted October 27-31, 1999. The margin of error is plus or minus 3 percentage points. Field work by ICR/International Communications Research of Media, Pa.

Percent who said each worried them "a great deal":

1999 1996 1991
1. Insurance companies are making decisions about medical care that doctors and patients should be making 66

2. Children in America are no longer safe at their own schools 60

3. Elderly Americans won't be able to afford the prescription drugs they need 59

4. Because of work and other pressures, parents don't have enough time to spend with their children 56

5. Medical benefits that you and your family now receive will be reduced or eliminated 55 52 52
6. Crime will increase 55 61 69
7. A good college education is becoming too expensive 53 58 65
8. Use of illegal drugs will increase 52 55 68
9. The American educational system will get worse instead of better 51 62 63
10. Pollution and other environmental problems will get worse 51 44 57
11. The number of Americans without health insurance will continue to rise 50

12. More and more good American jobs will be moved overseas, and our workers will be left with the jobs that don't pay enough to live on 50 47
13. There is too much sex and violence in the movies and on TV 49

14. Social Security will run out of money by the time I retire 48 51
15. The Medicare trust fund will run out of money in the next 10 years 47 51
16. More and more countries will come begging the US for economic help, and we'll neglect the people who need help at home 47 47
17. Presidential campaigns are turning into contests over who can raise the most money instead of who would be the best president 46

18. Too many political leaders lack the honesty to tell us what they really think; instead they just follow the polls 46

19. Moral standards of the country are not high enough 46 51 45
20. Illegal immigration is going to overwhelm our borders and we'll see lots more crime, welfare and drug use as a result 46 53
21. Too many people take advantage of the welfare system and don't try to get ahead on their own 45 7
22. American soldiers will be sent into more foreign conflicts such as the one in the former Yugoslavia 42

23. You won't have enough money to live on in retirement 42 48 46
24. Not enough is being done to make it harder to own a gun 41 38
25. Special interest groups have too much influence over elected officials 40 42 47
26. Nobody is looking out for the interests of the middle class 39 43 52
27. Working parents do not have enough good child care options 39

28. The country's elected leaders just don't care about people like you 38 38 49
29. You or a family member might lose their job 36 36 39
30. This country has problems with race relations that are not being addressed or even talked about 35

31. Government is not moving fast enough to adopt school voucher plans which would improve our school system 33

32. Traffic jams and urban sprawl will continue to get worse making daily commuting more and more difficult 33

33. Government will go too far in making homosexuality acceptable 32

34. Americans will not get a tax cut anytime soon 31

35. The good economy will turn sour in the near future 31

36. The federal government will become too involved in setting standards for local schools 29

37. Mothers with young children will be forced off the welfare rolls and won't have any means of surviving 29

38. The United Nations will take control of US foreign policy and we will lose more and more of our sovereignty to international agencies like the UN and the World Trade Organization 29 25
39. Politics is too negative 28 31 32
40. It will become easier for a woman to obtain a legal abortion 28 26 24
41. This is no longer an English-speaking nation; too many people don't know or use the language 25

42. It's becoming too hard for a law-abiding citizen to own a gun 25 22 29
43. We will elect another president who will embarrass the country with scandals while in office 24

44. It will become harder for a woman to obtain a legal abortion 22 26 29
45. The United States doesn't spend enough on its armed forces 22 20 12
46. Labor unions have too much political power 21

47. The religious right has too much political power 19

48. Vouchers for private and religious schools will erode the public school system 18

49. Affirmative action may have gone too far to give some blacks unfair advantages over whites 18 21 19
50. We will shut the door to new immigrants and the dream of a melting pot nation will be lost 17 19
51. The United States spends too much on its armed forces 14 13 21

© Copyright 1999 The Washington Post Company

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