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  •   What Americans Think Archive Struggling With a New Democracy
    September 13, 1999
    Five years after the fall of apartheid, South Africa struggles with what it means to be a democracy.

    Online Polling: No Substitute For The Real Thing
    September 7, 1999
    Cyberspace is a confusing place, made ever so much more so by the proliferation of online pseudo-polls.

    All Eyes on Hillary
    August 30, 1999
    Hillary Rodham Clinton continues to listen as New York and the rest of the country talks about her expected bid for the Senate seat.

    Blue Sky Ahead
    August 23, 1999
    America has turned the corner on pessimism and is beginning to feel good about itself.

    Raising the Stakes
    August 16, 1999
    Most Americans who gamble say they wager to make money and not simply to be entertained.

    Barak's Got Chutzpah!
    August 9, 1999
    American Jews believe Barak will do a better job bringing peace to the Middle East than his predecessor, Binyamin Netanyahu.

    Recipe for a Good Poll
    August 2, 1999
    America is awash in presidential polls and reporting on presidential polls. Some of both have been very good; some have been very, very bad.

    If You Can't Trust Pollsters...
    July 12, 1999
    Most people don't believe what pollsters have to say when they speak on public issues.

    Healthcare: Round Two
    July 5, 1999
    Candidates are embracing healthcare reform again and while healthcare reform remains popular with the Democratic faithful, most Americans remain skeptical of broad changes in the system.

    Psst! There's a Campaign On
    June 21, 1999
    Despite a front-loaded primary season, few Americans have yet to being paying attention to the presidential campaign.

    Not a Clue
    June 14, 1999
    The economy's booming and crime's down, but many Americans believe it ain't so.

    Can Americans Just Say No to Pollsters?
    June 7, 1999
    While more people may initially refuse to answer a survey, many polling organizations are making up the difference by using more sophisticated and aggressive strategies.

    Americans Tired of Guessing Social Security's Future
    May 31, 1999
    Politicians may be looking the other way, but a majority of Americans say they don't want their elected leaders to wait to fix the Social Security system until after the next presidential election.

    Americans Growing Weary of War in Kosovo
    May 24, 1999
    The United States and its NATO allies may claim to be winning the air war in Yugoslavia, but they're starting to lose the battle for public opinion here and abroad.

    Americans Turning to God at the Turn of the Century
    May 10, 1999
    If none of those Y2K computer debuggers actually work, here's something to try: Prayer. More than a third of those interviewed say they will be praying "more than usual" to usher in the new millennium.

    On the Question of Ground Troops . . .
    April 26, 1999
    Americans, the conventionally wise claim, prefer wars to be quick and bloodless (for them). But the public quickly loses support for military action when the number of killed and injured soldiers rises.

    A Gap in Worldviews
    April 19, 1999
    A disturbing gap is growing between what ordinary Americans believe is the proper role of the United States in world affairs and the views of leaders responsible for making foreign policy.

    What's Dumbing Down Journalism?
    April 5, 1999
    Journalists say the problem isn't in the newsroom but in the boardroom, where they say growing financial and business pressures are taking a toll on newsgathering.

    Parents May Be Part of the Problem
    March 29, 1999
    A new national study suggests that part of the problem with public schools is parents who "are just not living up to their end of the deal," according to the Public Agenda.

    It's All in the Way You Ask
    March 15, 1999
    A debate over the effect that question wording has on poll results erupted with the release of a pair of contradictory findings on Juanita Broaddrick's believability. Guest columnist Claudia Deane tackles the subject.

    Looking at the Lighter Side of Life
    March 8, 1999
    Polling isn't all about politics. Morin takes a look at the Roper Center's new roundup of surveys about everyday life.

    Online Polling Needs Time
    March 1, 1999
    A new test of Internet polling techniques by the Pew Center for the People & the Press suggests a rosy future for online polls & #150; though the future definitely is not now.

    Maybe Nobody Cared
    Feb. 20, 1999
    Perhaps the real impact of 13 months of scandal in the White House, impeachment and Senate trial will be that there will be no real impact.

    How the Haves and Have-Nots Differ
    Feb. 1, 1999
    Although the rich and poor differ in many ways, a new poll conducted by the Urban Institute in partnership with Child Trends found comforting similarities between have and have-not families in America.

    The Most Cynical Voters
    Jan. 25, 1999
    Believe it or not, Americans trust their political leaders more than either the British or the Japanese trust theirs. Also: Even though most Americans disapprove of Larry Flynt's political sex stories, more know his name than the chief justice's.

    Some Public Schools Don't Make the Grade
    Jan. 18, 1999
    While parents and teachers give schools high marks, employers and college professors say that public school students come to them with insufficient skills.

    Tobacco Takes Another Hit
    Jan. 11, 1999
    A University of Michigan survey indicates that tobacco is not only on the run in the courts but behind the high school gym as well.

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