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[Dan Balz]

Dan Balz

AUDIO | The Post's Dan Balz discusses the future career of S.C. Mark Sanford after he admitted to having an affair. The Post's Glenn Kessler evaluates Preisdent Obama's sharpened tone towards Iran. Lois Romano talks about the First Lady's plan to redefine her role in the East Wing. (June 26, 2009)

[Anita Dunn]

Anita Dunn

AUDIO | A conversation with two members of The Post's "Health Care RX" panel and a recent interview with White House Acting Communications Director Anita Dunn. (June 19, 2009)

[Valerie Jarrett]

Valerie Jarrett

AUDIO | Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett talks about her role in the White House and her friendship with the Obama's. The Post's Philip Rucker profiles Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions. And Washington officials wonder if Dennis Ross's background makes him the right person to lead U.S. policy on Iran. (June 5, 2009)

[Tom Vilsack]

Tom Vilsack

AUDIO | Interior Secretary Ken Salazar says the Bush Administration left him a mess in his department. USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack discusses new strategies to avoid importing tainted food and how he feels about his homestate of Iowa legalizing gay marriage. A new survey releases the best and worst government agencies to work in. And the House temporarily hires a speed reader. (May 22, 2009)

[Ceci Connolly]

Ceci Connolly

AUDIO |President Obama faces cheers and jeers at a couple upcoming commencement speeches. The Post's Ceci Connolly discusses the latest news in health care reform. And the White House crafts a new cyber security strategy. (May 15, 2009)

[Gary Locke]

Gary Locke

AUDIO |Commerce Secretary Gary Locke discusses the Chrysler bankruptcy and the 2010 census. The Washington Post's Ceci Connolly reports from Atlanta on a possible siwne flu vaccine. And three Democratic gubernatorial candidates for Virginia try to stand out. (May 8, 2009)

[David Souter]

David Souter

AUDIO | A surprise retirement on the Supreme court. President Obama marks 100 days in office, we hear from part of the Washington Post's White House reporting team. Arlen Specter switches parties and a sneak peak inside how pork industry lobbyists are combating swine flu. (May 1, 2009)

[Ray LaHood]

Ray LaHood

AUDIO | Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood talks about being one of the only Republican in President Obama's cabinet. A look at past presidents 100 days. And a political spring cleaning, could the U.S. afford to get rid of the vice presidency? (April 24, 2009)

[Steven Chu]

Steven Chu

AUDIO | Lois Romano speaks with Energy Secretary Steven Chu about developing alternative energy sources. Philip Rucker reports on what Bill Richardson has been up to since withdrawing from consideration for commerce secretary. And a Post reporter goe from Washington to Hollywood to be a consultant on the movie 'State of Play.' (April 17, 2009)

We apologize for the gap between December 8, 2008 and April 17, 2009. Please continue to check back each week to hear the show. You can also download it on iTunes or find it at Ed's Federal Eye blog.
(Emily Kotecki and Ed O'Keefe)

[Paul C. Light]

Paul C. Light

AUDIO | NYU professor, Brookings Institution fellow and Post contributor Paul Light on how Obama can continue to inspire "Generation O." Chris Cillizza discusses the Georgia Senate race, Jeb Bush's Florida prospects and the downside of Bobby Jindal 2012. Eli Saslow on the Minnesota Senate Race, and Jennifer Agiesta recaps polling data on the transition. (Dec. 5, 2008)

[Post Politics Program]

Eli Saslow

AUDIO | Lori Montgomery reviews Obama's economic team. Jennifer Agiesta of the Washington Post Polling Unit discusses the new ABC News poll. Eli Saslow talks about how the Obama's are adjusting to the transition and Sarah Lovenheim gives the best books to read this holiday season. (Nov. 28, 2008)

[Post Politics Program]

Mike Huckabee

AUDIO | Former Gov. Mike Huckabee discusses his new book, the GOP and former rival Mitt Romney. Washington Post reporters Nikita Stewart and Michael Ruane talk about the possible 4 million people arriving in D.C. for the inauguration. And Washington Post's Philip Rucker discusses the 63 page questionnaire cabinet appointees have to fill out. (Nov. 21, 2008)

[Post Politics Program]

Paul Kane

AUDIO | Paul Kane reports on the three remaining Senate races in Alaska, Minnesota and Georgia. Chris Cillizza discusses how the transition is going. And Ed O'Keefe gives a rundown of the unusual jobs listed in the 'Plum Book.' (Nov. 14, 2008)

[Post Politics Program]

Gov. Jim Douglas

AUDIO | A continuation of our governor interview series with Jim Douglas of Vermont, Butch Otter of Idaho and Ted Strickland of Ohio. Chris Cillizza gives a preview of a 50 state overview piece that looks at every important congressional race and presidential swing state. (Oct. 30, 2008)

[Post Politics Program]

Gov. Dave Heineman

AUDIO | Emily speaks with Travis Fox about his "Hard Times" series and Nebraska's Gov. Dave Heineman as part of our "50 States 50 Governors" series. Then, from New Hampshire, Ed O'Keefe and David Broder speak with Sen. John Sununu (R) and Fmr. Gov. Jeanne Shaheen (D) about their ultra-competitive Senate race, and rematch of their 2002 faceoff. (Oct. 23, 2008)

[Post Politics Program]

Walt Whitman High School Debate Team

AUDIO | Four members of the Walt Whitman High School debate team, from Bethesda, Md., critiqued the debating styles of John McCain and Barack Obama. David Broder goes door-to-door in Pennsylvania to talk to voters. Lael Brainard gives the top 10 global economic challenges facing the next president. And James Grimadli talks about his exclusive investigative piece on the McCain's. (Oct. 16, 2008)

[Post Politics Program]

David Broder

AUDIO | Jennifer Agiesta recaps this week's Post-ABC News polling numbers from the Buckeye State. Then Ed speaks with three Ohio voters who participated in the poll about their presidential preferences and main issues of concern. David Broder weighs in on the presidential debate and suggests Wisconsin is very much in play. Emily Freifeld reports on a new Web site tracking the foreclosure crisis in each Congressional district. (Oct. 9, 2008)

[Post Politics Program]

Gov. Martin O'Malley

AUDIO |Martin O'Malley discusses how Maryland voters are used as export effort in neighboring swing states such as Virginia and Pensylvania. Washington Post reporters deconstruct Gov. Sarah Palin's and Sen. Joe Biden's rhetoric. And while you're watching the debates, food blogger Kim O'Donnel offers some suggestions for good debate watching snacks. (Oct. 2, 2008)

[Post Politics Program]

Gov. Dave Freudenthal

AUDIO | Emily Freifeld speaks with Governor Dave Freudenthal of Wyoming, a Democratic governor of a Republican state. Ed Ok'Keefe speaks with Chris Cillizza about what it means for the candidates to suspend their campaigns. And a review of political blunders this week. (Sept. 25, 2008)

[Post Politics Program]

Bart Gellman

AUDIO | Travis Fox speaks with The Post's Bart Gellman about his new book, "Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency." James Ledbetter of helps explain our current economic troubles, and tells us Wall Street has little confidence in either Barack Obama or John McCain. And Norman J. Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute explains why both candidates will need Washington insiders in their administration, even if they're running as outsiders. (Sept. 18, 2008)

[Len Downie]

Len Downie

AUDIO | Retiring Post Executive Editor Leonard Downie Jr. reflects on politics and his interactions with several presidential administrations. Bob Woodward interviews President Bush about Iraq war strategy for Woodward's new book, "The War Within." And Chris Cillizza shares his Electoral map predictions, making use of's "Pick Your President" game. (Sept. 11, 2008)

[Brian Schweitzer]

Gov. Brian Schweitzer

AUDIO | Emily Freifeld speaks with Montana's Democratic governor Brian Schweitzer about the upcoming presidential and gubernatorial race in Montana. Washington Post's fashion critic sizes up the fashion industry's response to Barack Obama. And Chris Cillizza previews the Democratic Convention. (August 21, 2008)

[John McCain]

David Broder on John McCain

AUDIO | The Post's David Broder shares clips from his recent conversation with John McCain, then shares memories of convention keynote speakers of the past.'s Ben Pershing in Syracuse, N.Y., and The Post's Steve Friess in Las Vegas, talk about the GOP's troubles in New York and Nevada. Chet Rhodes previews Post/Newsweek coverage of the political conventions from Denver. (August 14, 2008)

[Bill Clinton]

Bill Clinton

AUDIO | The Washington Post's Anne Kornblut talks to former President Bill Clinton in one of the first interviews since his wife, Senator Hillary Clinton pulled out of the race for the White House. A new poll shows Obama leading among low wage workers and the presidential debates become technologically savvy. (August 7, 2008)

[Nancy Pelosi]

Rep. Nancy Pelosi

AUDIO | House Speaker Nancy Pelosi discusses her new book with the Post's Libby Copeland. David Broder addresses veepstakes and the fight for the presidency. (August 1, 2008)

[Roy Blunt]

Rep. Roy Blunt

AUDIO | The Washington Post Editorial Board interviews Rep. Roy Blunt. Ed O'Keefe is on the ground in Chicago learning about Obama's hometown and the latest St. Journal-Quinnipiac University poll shows McCain closing the gap in battleground states. (July 24, 2008)

[Bill Richardson]

Gov. Bill Richardson

AUDIO | The latest Post-ABC News poll shows Obama with a slight edge. Ed O'Keefe talks with Gov. Bill Richardson. An exclusive interview with the editor of the Chandra Levy investigative series. And can comedians make fun of Obama? (July 17, 2008)

[David Maraniss]

David Maraniss

AUDIO |'s Chris Cillizza talks with former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner about presidential and Virginia politics. Emily Freifeld discusses the contentious 1960 Olympic games and the parallels with today, with Pulitzer Prize winner David Maraniss. (July 10, 2008)

[David Ignatius]

David Ignatius

AUDIO | New numbers show how rumors about Sen. Barack Obama's background may be hurting him in the polls and a discussion with columnist David Ignatius about Obama and McCain's foreign policy proposals. (July 3, 2008)

[David Broder]

David Broder

AUDIO | A new Street Journal-Quinnipiac poll shows Obama leading in four swing states. McCain adivsers talk about Ohio ground operations and a discussion with the dean of political reporting, David Broder. (June 26, 2008)

[Bob Barr]

Bob Barr

AUDIO | A recap of new Post-ABC News polling numbers and Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr issues a scathing critique of Sen. John McCain and the GOP. (June 19, 2008)

[Lee Daniels]

Lee Daniels

AUDIO | A preview of the general election campaign and conversations about Barack Obama's potential challenges with white rural voters and African Americans. (June 12, 2008)

[Lee Daniels]

Rep. Chris Van Hollen

AUDIO | Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) suggests how Clinton and Obama can help Democrats win and's Chris Cillizza and Ben Pershing discuss the most competitive congressional races. (May 29, 2008)

[ Sen. Clinton]

Sen. Hillary Clinton

AUDIO | Sen. Clinton talks about "sexist" treatment she's endured on the campaign trail, we consider whether she could end up on the Supreme Court and John Harwood of The New York Times and Gerald Seib of The Wall Street Journal discuss their new book. (May 22, 2008)

Candidate Profile

[ Madeleine Albright]

Madeleine Albright

AUDIO | The Post's Kevin Merida talks about racism on the campaign trail. Arianna Huffington considers why John McCain did not vote for Bush in 2000. Sarah Lovenheim speaks with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright about her new book. (May 15, 2008)

[ Ron Paul]

Rep. Ron Paul

AUDIO | A forecast as to what's next in the Democratic primary season, an interview with West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin, a look at Kentucky and Ron Paul's presidential campaign (May 8, 2008)

Candidate Profile

[ Sen. Bayh]

Sen. Evan Bayh

AUDIO | Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Indiana) discusses the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy and Hoosier State politics. Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, speaks with The Washington Post Editorial Board about Iraq, Iran, China, new military operations in Africa, and the military challenges the next president may face. (May 1, 2007)

[ Bill Clinton]

Bill Clinton

AUDIO | A look at Pennsylvania exit polls, a preview of North Carolina and Indiana contests, Hillary Clinton's post-Pennsylvania $10 million haul and a conversation with former president Bill Clinton about his wife's campaign. (April 24, 2008)

[ Dee Dee Myers]

Dee Dee Myers

AUDIO | A profile of Pope Benedict XVI, a conversation with former White House press secretary Dee Dee Myers and a Republican marketing expert discusses the marketing of John McCain. (April 17, 2008)

[ Bart Gellman]

Bart Gellman

AUDIO | Tom Andrews of Win Without War reacts to the Petraeus-Crocker testimony. The Post's Anne Kornblut discusses Hillary Clinton's post-Penn strategy. Finally, The Post's Bart Gellman addresses his Pulitzer Prize-winning reporting series about Vice President Dick Cheney. (April 10, 2008)

[ Roger Mudd]

Roger Mudd

AUDIO | A look at the Indiana primary, Treasury Sec. Paulson's financial plan, the DNC's upcoming interfaith prayer service, and a conversation with Emmy-award winning journalist Roger Mudd. (April 3, 2008)

[ Gov. Bredenson]

Gov. Phil Bredeson

AUDIO | A preview of what we can expect from John McCain's campaign in the coming weeks, a conversation with Gov. Phil Bredesen (D-Tenn.) about his superdelegate primary proposal and Karen Drew of WDIV-TV in Detroit gives us a hometown perspective on the Kwame Kilpatrick scandal. (March 27, 2008)

[ Eliot Spitzer]

Gov. Eliot Spitzer

AUDIO | House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) shares concerns about the continued Clinton-Obama fight, a conversation over the 2008 fight for Congress and outgoing N.Y. Gov. Eliot Spitzer talks about his accomplishments of his 14 months in office. (March 20, 2008)

 David Broder

David Broder

AUDIO | The Post's David Broder assesses what Clinton will do to win the Pennsylvania primary, we explore how Clinton won Ohio and Texas, consider the Bush-Reagan relationship and's Daniel Gross shares a disturbing trend. (March 6, 2008)

Gov. Sarah Palin

Three Potential VPs

AUDIO | Senate Republicans debate an Iraq pullout bill, potential vice presidential candidates discuss the '08 campaigns, and we explore the controversy over the Bush presidential library.(Feb. 28, 2008)

Fidel Castro

U.S.-Cuban Relations

AUDIO | A look at winners and losers out of Wisconsin, Hawaii and Washington primaries and a conversation with Kirby Jones of the U.S.-Cuba Trade Association on Fidel Castro's decision to step down.(Feb. 21, 2008)

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