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Elections 1998

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American Heritage Party AHT
American Independent AIP
American Constitution AMC
Alaskan Independence AKI
Concerned Citizens CC
Cool Moose CM
American Constitution CNL
Conservative Con
DC Statehood DCS
Democrat Dem
Freedom Party Fre
Republican GOP
Green Grn
Grass Roots Gs
Independent American IAP
Independent Ind
Independence Inp
Liberal Lbl
Libertarian Lib
Legalize Marijuana LMJ
Liberty Union LUn
Moderate Mod
Marijuana Reform Party MRP
Mississippi Taxpayers MTP
New Jersey Conservative NJC
New Jersey Independent NJI
Natural Law NLP
Nonpartisan Non
Other Oth
Pacific Pac
Peace and Freedom PFP
Pro-Life Conservative PLC
Pro-Life PRL
Reform RP
Right to Life RTL
Save Social Security SSS
Socialist Workers SWP
Term Limits TLm
Umoja Umj
US Taxpayers UST
Unity UTY
Vermont Grass Roots VG

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