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White House Coffee Guest List:
July 18, 1996

Host: President Clinton
Attending: Political and Community Leaders
Location: Map Room

Zarat Akande
Spelman College
Marietta, Ga.

Richard Burns
Executive Director, New York Lesbian & Gay Community Services Center
New York, N.Y.

Bernard (Ben) Cammarata
President and CEO, T.J. Maxx Company
Framingham, Mass.

Dick Dadey
Executive Director, Empire State PRIDE Agenda
New York, N.Y.

Ivan Frishberg
Director, Higher Education Project, U.S. Public Interest Research Group
Washington, D.C.

Emily Giske
Government Relations Attorney
New York, N.Y.

Ken Guin
State Representative, Alabama House of Representatives
Carbon Hill, Ala.

Scottie B. Hicks
President, National Rural Letter Carriers' Association
Alexandria, Va.

Sky Johnson
Director of Public Policy, Gay & Lesbian Community Services Center
Los Angeles, Calif.

Verna H. Kuo
Youth Outreach Coordinator, California Coordinated Campaign
Los Angeles, Calif.

Linda G. Lanham
Political Director, Aerospace Machinists Union
Seattle, Wash.

Raymond Martinez
Special Assistant to the President for Political Affairs, The White House
Washington, D.C.

Ira Robinson
Attorney, Ira Robinson & Associates
Albuquerque, N.M.

Richard Socarides
The White House
Washington, D.C.

David Temple
Chief Executive, Lutheran Social Services, DC Area

Maeley L. Tom
Senior Vice President, Cassidy & Associates, Inc.

Alan Van Capelle
Student Government Vice President, Hillel, Queens College
Commack, N.Y.

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