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Campaign Finance Key Players:
Arief and Soraya Wiriadinata

This profile was compiled from Washington Post and washingtonpost.com staff reports. Click on linked names to read other profiles, or see the full list of key players.

One of the largest contributions returned by the Democratic National Committee came from Arief and Soraya Wiriadinata, an Indonesian couple with ties to the Lippo Group, who had given the DNC $450,000.

The Indonesian couple were legal U.S. residents living in a Virginia suburb of Washington, D.C., when their flow of donations began. But the couple continued to send checks to the DNC after they moved back to Indonesia in December 1995.

The DNC said it returned the money because it could not either confirm that the Wiriadinatas had paid their taxes or question them about the source of funds.

A DNC spokeswoman said the couple gave the money after meeting John Huang, the former DNC fund-raiser at the heart of many of the fund-raising allegations.

Huang had paid a hospital visit the year before to Soraya Wiriadinata's father, Hashim Ning. Ning was a business partner of Mochtar Riady, whose family controls the Lippo Group. Another visitor to Ning's hospital bed was Mark Middleton, then a top aide to White House adviser Thomas F. "Mack" McLarty, who hand-carried a get-well letter from the White House.

Last updated July 24, 1997

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