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Guests Who Gave Big to the Democrats

February 27, 1997

The following are names from an official list of overnight guests who stayed at the White House during President Clinton's first term in office and were also listed as individual donors in Federal Election Commission reports for 1995 and 1996. For more information and to see the entire list of overnight guests, return to main story.

Many of the Democratic donors listed below also attended a controversial series of White House coffees. Those names are linked to information from's searchable list of guests invited to attend the private meetings with the president, the first lady, Vice President Gore and his wife. The amounts donated are for 1995 and 1996.

Name Affiliation Donated Category
Dirk Ziff Ziff Brothers Investments $412,000 Friends and supporters
William Rollnick Investor 236,000 Friends and supporters
Lewis Wasserman MCA Inc. 226,000 Longtime friends
David Geffen DreamWorks SKG 201,000 Arts and letters
Peter May DWG Corp. 201,000 Friends and supporters
Steven Spielberg Film producer/director 201,000 Arts and letters
Paul Cejas Health care executive 188,400 Friends and supporters
Angelo Tsakopoulos AKT Development Corp. 176,000 Friends and supporters
Walter Kaye Kaye Insurance 157,900 Friends and supporters
Steven Rattner Lazard Freres & Co. 134,000 Friends and supporters
Eli Broad Kaufman & Broad 128,500 Longtime friends
Carl Spielvogel United Auto Group 126,000 Friends and supporters
Lillian Vernon Lillian Vernon Corp. 115,000 Friends and supporters
Roy Furman Furman Selz Inc. 111,000 Friends and supporters
Bernard Rapoport American Income Life Insurance 111,000 Longtime friends
Steven Grossman Massachusetts Envelope Co. 106,000 Longtime friends
Stanley Shuman Allen & Co. 106,000 Friends and supporters
Ronald Burkle Yucaipa Co. 101,000 Friends and supporters
Sidney Sheinberg Producer 101,000 Arts and letters
Steven Jobs Next Inc. 100,000 Friends and supporters
Merv Adelson East-West Capital 87,000 Arts and letters
Ira Leesfield Attorney 67,500 Friends and supporters
Fred Hochberg Lillian Vernon Corp. 66,250 Friends and supporters
Olan Mills Olan Mills Inc. 62,000 Friends and supporters
Barbra Streisand Actress/singer 61,000 Arts and letters
Lewis Rudin Rudin Management Co. 51,000 Friends and supporters
Felicia Gervais Gervais Carew Dick 44,500 Friends and supporters
Myra Greenspun Greystone Travel 41,000 Longtime friends
Alan Leventhal Beacon Properties 41,000 Friends and supporters
Norma Asnes Writer 37,000 Longtime friends
Alan Solomont ADS Group 36,300 Friends and supporters
Neil Simon Playwright 31,500 Arts and letters

SOURCE: White House and Federal Election Commission data analyzed by William Casey and Ira Chinoy. Research assistance by Ruth Leonard and Nathan Abse.

© 1997 The Washington Post Company

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