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Longtime Friends

The following are names from an official list of overnight guests who stayed at the White House during President Clinton's first term in office:

Linda Aaker
Robert Armstrong
Amy Ashby
Kit Ashby
Norma Asnes
Joseph Baczko
Kathleen Baczko
Nancy Bekavac
Kathie Berlin
Shannon Bettridge
Tommy Bettridge
William Bettridge
Robert Billingsley
Jeff Braden
Paul Braden
Taylor Branch
Johanna Branson
Eli Broad
Vanessa Brown
Jane Bulnes-Fowles
Juan Bulnes-Fowles
Kathleen Burgess
Ciara Campbell
Jude Campbell
Thomas Campbell
Marvin Caplan
Thomas Caplan
Michael Conway
Yvonne Cormier
Bill Daley
Loretta Daley
Denise Dangremond
Robert Dangremond
Benjamin Eakeley
Douglas Eakeley
Priscilla Eakeley
Betsy Ebeling
Colin Ebeling
Thomas Ebeling
Rosemary Estes
Robert Farmer
Adele Fath
Creekmore Fath
Ann Fisher
Jerome Fisher
Pam Fleischaker
Bishop Louis Ford
Jinnet Fowles
Linda Fuller
Millard Fuller
Amanda Gill
Jock Gill
Rosemary Gill
Sophie Gill
Barbara Glicken
Howard Glicken
Ruth Goldway
Susan Graber
Billy Graham
Ruth Graham
Maria Grauso-Kuttner
Brian Greenspun
Myra Greenspun
Barbara Grossman
Steven Grossman
Laura Handman
Cheryl Acton Harbour
Laurel Heiden
Sherry Heiden
Patsy Henderson Bowles
Harold Ickes
Ben Ifshin
Chloe Ifshin
David Ifshin
Gail Ifshin
Jake Ifshin
Grace Ellen Johnson
H. Alston Johnson

Margaret Johnson
Mason Johnson
Roslyn Johnson
Ryan Johnson
Susanne Johnson
Tanner Johnson
Claiborne Jones
Donald Jones
Karen Jones
Robert Trent Jones Jr.
John Kluge
M. Larry Lawrence
Shelia Lawrence
Melissa Ludtke
James Lyons
Marcia Lyons
Reverend Anthony Mangun
Michael Ann Mangun
Ann Markusen
David Markusen-Weiss
Vicki Marti
David Matter
Dorothy McAuliffe
Terry McAuliffe
James Moore
Jane Moore
Judith Price Osgood
Charles Palmer
Andrew Paschall
Doug Paschall
Rachel Paschall
Rosemary Paschall
Patricia Podlich
William Podlich
Shirley Price
Carolyn Rainer
William Rainer
Audre Rapoport
Bernard Rapoport
Ernest Ricketts
Kate Ricketts
Renee Ring
Lyn Hecht Schaffran
Kimberly Schreter
Molly Shanley
Constance Shapiro
Stuart Shapiro
Lloyd Shearer
Marva Shearer
Stuart Shearer
Betty Sheinbaum
Stanley Sheinbaum
Jenny Simpson
Ashley Spence
Courtney Spence
Mary Couri Spence
Roy Spence
Shay Spence
Bill Staton
Carolyn Ellis Staton
Patty Stearns
Rick Stearns
Reverend Charles Stith
Deborah Prothrow Stith
Mary Alyce Strading
Mike Driver Stradling
Susan Thomases
Michael Turpen
Susan Turpen
Richard Valeriani
Amy Verrett
Edith Wasserman
Lewis Wasserman
Mark Weiner
Susan Weiner
William Worsley
Paul Zofnass

SOURCE: White House and Federal Election Commission data analyzed by William Casey and Ira Chinoy. Research assistance by Ruth Leonard and Nathan Abse.

© Copyright 1997 The Washington Post Company

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