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Public Officials and Dignitaries

The following are names from an official list of overnight guests who stayed at the White House during President Clinton's first term in office:

Mayor Jerry Abrahmson
Madeline Abramson
Trond Andersen
Mayor Dennis Archer
Governor Evan Bayh
Mrs. Evan Bayh
B.A. Bentsen
Secretary Lloyd Bentsen
Cynthia Blumenthal
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal
Chloe Breyer
Joanna Breyer
Nell Breyer
Justice Stephen Breyer
Governor John Y. Brown
Mayor Willie Brown
President George Bush
Mayor Bill Campbell
Sharon Campbell
Governor Gaston Caperton
Diana Carlin
Governor John Carlin
Jean Carnahan
Governor Mel Carnahan
Martha Carper
Governor Thomas Carper
President Jimmy Carter
Rosalyn Carter
Governor Ben Cayetano
Governor Lawton Chiles
Rhea Chiles
Maggie Daley
Mayor Richard Daley
Clifton Daniel
Margaret Truman Daniel
Lieutenant Governor Gray Davis
Susan Davis
Governor Howard Dean
Judith Dean
Attorney General Larry Echohawk
Terry Echohawk
Linda Edmisten
Secretary Of State Rufus Edmisten
Representative Geraldine Ferraro
Attorney General Lee Fisher
Peggy Zone Fisher
Janet Fitzgerald
State Treasurer Mike Fitzgerald
Mayor Sandra Freedman
Phyllis George
Frances Anne Glendening
Governor Parris Glendening
King Harald Of Norway
Mary James
Mayor Sharpe James
Governor Brereton Jones
State Senator Daryl Jones
Elizabeth Jones
Mayor Frank Jordan
Wendy Jordan
Alice King
Governor Bruce King
Governor John Kitzhaber

Sharon Kitzhaber
Sussan Knowles
Governor Tony Knowles
Dorothy Lamm
Governor Richard Lamm
Congresswoman Blanche Lambert Lincoln
Steven Lincoln
Mary Lowry
Governor Michael Lowry
Roderic Lyne
Prime Minister John Major
Land Commissioner Garry Mauro
Judith Mauro
Commissioner Edward McNamara
Lucille McNamara
Governor Ned McWherter
Angela Menino
Mayor Thomas Menino
Governor Robert Miller
Shirley Miller
Governor Zell Miller
Governor Benjamin Nelson
State Treasurer Bill Nelson
Billy Nelson
Diane Nelson
Grace Nelson
Nan Ellen Nelson
Donna Nigh
Governor George Nigh
Lieutenant Governor Frank O'Bannon
Judy O'Bannon
Judi Patton
Governor Paul Patton
Dalia Rabin Philosoph
Leah Rabin
Yuval Rabin Jr.
Mayor Ed Rendell
Judge Midge Rendell
Mayor Norman Rice Jr.
Governor Ann Richards
Ann Riley
Edward Riley
Mayor Joe Riley
Secretary Richard Riley
Ted Riley Jr.
Mayor Richard Riordan
Bea Romer
Governor Roy Romer
Mayor Kurt Schmoke
Patricia Schmoke
Governor George Sinner
Jane Sinner
Bodul Slyngstad
Queen Sonja of Norway
Jane Sullivan
Governor Michael Sullivan
Governor John Waihee
Lynne Waihee
Governor David Walters
Rhonda Walters
Mayor Wellington Webb
Wilma Webb
Governor Bill Winter
Elise Winter
Ambassador Andrew Young

SOURCE: White House and Federal Election Commission data analyzed by William Casey and Ira Chinoy. Research assistance by Ruth Leonard and Nathan Abse.

© Copyright 1997 The Washington Post Company

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