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Readers' Views on the Starr Report

Clinton, Lewinsky, Starr
Has the content of the Starr report and/or the White House's rebuttal changed your view of President Clinton and whether he should remain in office? Send in your opinion and read excerpts below from other readers.

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It's changed my view of him as a private individual, but I think he should stay in office. He's been a good President.
Rosemarie Sweeny
Holland (American living abroad)

Disgusting!!! How could we trust him to fulfill his high power constitutionally and lawfully? How could Americans still let him be our president? He should resign or be impeached.
D. Yao
Manilus, New York

It has encouraged me to think that he not only will survive this crisis but that Starr will come out of this looking petty and obsessed with a polictical battle he had no place in waging.
Mark Babbitt

"He who is without sin, then let THEM cast the first stone." (Stated by Christ IN DEFENSE of a PROSTITUTE!)
Bill Wood
Greenbelt, MD

This confirms my suspicians. I beleive the American people have the right to the truth. The truth is Clinton should be impeached. We should be ashamed to have let this kind of misconduct. This is just the latest scandle, a small part of a long string of misconduct. Impeach! Impeach! Impeach.
Gary Cochran Sr.
Jasper TX

President Clinton will have learned his lesson whether or not he remains in office. I don't think he should removed, despite his foibles which are mostly personal.
York, PA

The Starr Report has done nothing to change my mind. Clinton should stay in office and ride this out.
Barbara Everett
Butte, MT

No. I have known since the day he announced he would run for the presidency -- and admitted he dodged the draft during the Vietnam war -- that Bill Clinton was not an honorable man. It's just that now alot of other people are beginning to realize it. Impeach him.
Charles Culbertson
Staunton, Va

I can never accept the truth of what the president says, even -- better especially -- when he says how essential he is to the country's welfare.
The Rev. Canon David E. Heil
Fort Thomas, KY

It certainly has. This man has contempt for the oath he took, for the rule of law and the truth. He has to resign or face impeachment. This great republic will survive the departure of this manipulator of words and perjurious president. Hand the keys to someone with honor, namely Mr Gore, Bill.
Ricardo Egozcue
Ann Arbor MI

I am greatly saddened by the low state that the Presidency has been reduced to by Bill Clinton. I am glad to see him finally come clean- I think it is too bad that it wasn't until his feet were held to the fire and he had nothing to lose by confessing to what was to be imminently public. It follows his pattern of yield no ground until there is gain. He said that he would take responsibility for his actions... well, the responsible thing to do now is to resign.
Santa Fe

No. Let's get on with the business of taking care of the country.
Danette Perez
Austin, TX

NO ! I still support the President and wants him to stay in office. This entire experience shows how simple minded America truly is--despite being the most advanced and developed country in the world.
Silver Spring, Maryland

No. Emphatically NO. There are grounds for censure, none for impeachment I don't like the idea of overturning an election using sexual pecadillos. How about impeaching every public official who has stepped out of bounds.
Maurice Potosky
Silver Spring MD


I believe that Clinton is guilty and there is little that the Whitehouse can say that would make me change my mind. President Clinton has totally lost any confidence that I might have had in him and I, personally, think that he should resign rather than put the country through the impeachment process. The final apology came way to late in the process.
B.F. Staub
Ellenton, FL

No The content of the Starr Report confirmed my worst fears about the conduct of our President. The early release of the Presidential rebuttal before the Starr Report was published confirmed that notwithstanding the President's contrite words, they are meaningless. As the old expression goes, - "By their actions shall you know them".
William T. Moore, Jr.
Decatur, AL

No, the report has not changed my view. President Clinton should remain in office. The report and the whole investigation is a farce. Mr. Starr investigated for four years, yet his allegations are based only on the last seven months? What's that all about?
Jean C. Arthur
Silver Spring, MD

Congress should certainly comment, maybe sanction, but not spend any more of my money in an effort to impeach. Get real. We've spent enough. The morality or immorality of lying or covering up sexual misconduct is not a reasonable basis for further action. The special prosecutor process now appears at best quasi-legal and at worst purely political. Spend my tax dollars on education or roads. Enough is enough.
Pat Moreno
Sierra Vista AZ

Absolutely not. President Clinton made an error of a personal nature. What Kenneth Starr has done is provide cheap fodder for the international media, embarrassed the American people internationally, and enabled children of all ages to read soft-porn unimpeded on the internet. His report is an embarrasment and a disgrace. If I were a Republican, I would distance myself as quickly as possible.
Natalie Pawlenko
Toronto, Ontario

No - Starr's report is more of the same. This case is about sex and lying about sex. The American people do not want their President impeached or forced to resign over his private sexual conductr which has no bearing on his official duties.
Marlana Valdez
Takoma Park, MD

Nothing in the Starr report and/or the White House's rebuttal changed my opinion that President Clinton should remain in Office. The President has done an outstanding job of dealing with critical issues facing this nation. He is a great leader. Nobody is perfect and I personnaly wish that all the saints that are pressing this impeachment issue would get a life. Ken Starr and the Republican party have been on a a witch hunt since day one. There is no way the President should be impeached. This is ridiculous.
Sandra Faye Harris
Hyattsville, Maryland


No. I have been trying to ignore the whole affair and concentrate on other far more important issues like the economy. While I understand that there are a number of legal issues involved here ... when taken in context, they are highly insignificant in relation to "real" issues facing us today. The entire Lewinsky affair is an enormous waste of time and money. We need to let the president get back to tackling really important issues like Social Security and Medicare, Education of our kids, Anti-terrorism ... and dozens of other significant things affecting us today.
Paul Savidge
Reston, VA

No it has not. President Clinton should resign immediately and spare both the Congress and the nation of going though months of impeachment proceedings. President Clinton's recent apologies and prayers are simpley too contrived, too late and too insincere. Adios.
Stan Horab
Washington DC

While the President's behavior was obviously wrong, he should remain in office. I can't imagine that our founding fathers created the impeachment clause for cases like this. Rather, it should be reserved for crimes that directly impact the country, the government and the conduct of government. In this case, the charges against the President concern his admitted immoral private activities and, in turn, his response to a politically motivated investigation of those activities. Give me $40 million, a staff of lawyers and a year, and I'll dig up dirt on anybody as long as any aspect of their life is fair game. In the end, there is at least a strong sense that Starr's investigation was intended not so much to pursue justice, but to undo the results of the 1996 election. That shouldnot happen in a democracy. Censure? Yes. Impeachment or resignation? No. I pray reason prevail and that our hard-hearted nation can forgive, or at least come to terms, with the President's transgression.
Tony Mattera
Richmond, Virginia

No. It's a personal matter between Bill and Hillary that has no place in the political arena, much less on the Internet. It's a crime of the heart, not a criminal act. Let them work it out in peace.
Ed Remington
Fairfax, VA

I have not read the Starr report yet, I know that family values play a very important role in any human being's life, but we're talking about the role of president Clinton in office, he has done an exceptional job, any citizen has the right to have a private life, do not help the Republicans destroy a person that has served our country as president Clinton has done, is my believe that president Clinton shall finish his term in office.
Rigoberto Cajas
Woodbridge, Va.

No. If the first article of impeachment against Richard Nixon is still an impeachable offense. . . then Clinton deserves to be impeached. And, I am at a loss to put into words how absurd I believe it is to issue a rebuttal to the Starr report before they've seen it. How stupid do they think we are? As for his contrition and constant appologies, consider this. If there indeed was no sexual relationship with Lewinsky, and there was no obstrtucdtion of justice, no subornation of purgery or witness tampering as the Starr report alleges, what in God's name is he appologizing for anyway?
Thomas P. McAlevey
Tulsa, Oklahoma

I am disappointed in President Clinton because of his poor judgement regarding his personal actions in the White House with respect to this personal matter. I think he has been one of our best presidents and I don't think he should resign nor be impeached from office.
David I. Rosen
Seattle, WA

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