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Your Views on Clinton's Grand Jury Testimony

Clinton, Lewinsky, Starr
Has viewing the grand jury testimony of President Clinton changed your opinion on whether he should remain in office? Read excerpts below from readers.

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Enough is enough. Apparently, "you just don't get it". It was a private matter and it's lack of discovery would not have threatened the Republic
William P. Chiles
Charles Town, WV

Yes, it has. In fact, I am now more sympathetic to the disgusting depths to which this prosecutor has fallen. I was far less sympathetic to the President previous to my viewing of this videptape.
James Libbey
Frederick, MD

No, the grand jury testimony had no impact on the facts. Some people may need to see this testimony to realize he is a perjuror and has obstructed justice and his actions impair his ability to represent this country with everything he can offer. Let someone else give their all if our current President is unable and unwilling. Let Mr. Gore give it a go, before Clinton completely destroys the credibility of the Democratic party and their chances in the Congressional and next Presidential campaigns.
Stanley Fields
Albuquerque, NM

No, this is a partisan prosecution, and anyone with a brain in their head knows we would not be talking about this if not for a Republican Congress and a Democratic President. The media goes along because sex sells. How stupid do you think we are?
Tim Scramstad
Clovis, California

This man is not able to tell the truth. He very unpresidential and blames everyone else for his predicament. He doesn't know how to accept personal responsibility and I feel he is unfit to hold ANY public office. He should resign immediately and spare us all.
Kenmore, Washington

yes, it has. I am able to see the pain and pressure he has been going through because of the investigation. It is unfair and we should leave him alone to do his job of governing this great nation.
Vijay Raghavan
Falls Church

Prior to viewing the tape, I wasn't absolutely certain that the president lied under oath. After seeing the video tape, there can be no doubt of it.
Robert Bills
Lubbock, Texas

Viewing the testimony and reading the transcript has definitely changed my mind about this issue. Prior to today's release I thought that possibly the President would be able to squirm his way out of this tragedy, but now I think he's gone too far. He reminds me of a smart-aleck teenager who thinks he's smarter than everyone else and is confident that his arrogant answers will get him out of trouble. Prior to today I had hoped that this whole sordid mess would just go away, but now I hope that either he has the decency to resign and spare us more of his lies and shenanigans, or that Congress acts in a responsible manner and impeaches him and removes him from office before the end of the year.
David C.

Only to reaffirm my opinion of this matter. Clinton seemed to have dodged the questions. Walked around the definitions. For all intent and purpose he - LIED. Lied in the Paula Jones trail, the Grand Jury, and the American people. That is a high crime for an elected President.
Dale City

Although I down right contest the action of the President with Monica Lewinsky, I think showing this testimony on national television was very distasteful. How many people in congress has had and still is having a sexual relationship with someone other than their spouse? I believe it is so unfair of them to do this.

If President Clinton does not have enough decency and honor left in his body to resign, the Congress will have no other option than to impeach him. This is truly a sad day in America. How can we as citizens respect the rule of law when our President does not?? This President has disgraced himself, his family, and the institution of the Presidency. No one made him do the things he did not Paula Jones, not the vast right wing conspiracy and not Judge Starr. He has no one to blame but himselg. How ironic that the things we all knew and accepted about this man are the ones that come back to get him. Character is doing the right thing when no one is looking, this President has NO character, respect or dignity left.
Steve Grasser
Fairfax, Va.

No it has not. My opinion was, and remains, that the president should resign. Seeing the video further supports my opion of his ability to lawyer the verbage to include manipulation, evasivesness, and to spin at the same time. Legal strategy is now a subject noir and the Clintons can take responsibility for this tragedy.
Dorothy Belknap
San Diego

Yes. Although I don't condone what President Clinton has done, I felt that he cooperated with the prosecutors and testified fairly, under the difficult circumstance of discussing painfully embarrassing conduct. The prosecutors came off as unduly harsh, while the President appears largely sympathetic.
Kenneth Benton
Philadelphia, PA

No. I am fed up with this never ending witch hunt. I am disheartened to see my tax dollars fund this bottom-feeder frenzy.
Mark Carney
Fresno, CA

Don't hate the player, hate the game!!! Keep it real, let's see what Mr. Starr has in his closet
Charles Thomas
FT.Washington, MD

No, it has not. It has only further confirmed my position that Bill Clinton should resign immediately as President of the United States. If he cares about anything other than himself, he will pack it in.
Ed Geisler
Vienna, VA

I always thought grand jury testimony was never revealed to the public? However, we all know things are never the same when it comes to politics. We in this country have really sunk to a new low when you have the presidents grand jury testimony on TV and the news........
Ft. Worth, TX

No. It is a continuation of the Battle of the Titans of Megalomania. Orchestration, orchestration, orchestration. The only way Titans will be satisfied in getting tht Titan version of 'truth' is to ask a question and then write out the exact answer desired. No matter: He is a liar who has lied under oath about a matter which 99.9% of males and females would and do lie and were brought up to to do just that. Lie about having had illicit sexual intimacy. Ego Titans invariably lose for having won on ego.
Mark F.Joseff, aged 98
Newport Beach, CA

No, it has not. I find the release of the Starr report and the release of the video tapes reckless and completely unnecessary. I firmly believe that it is the Judiciary Committee's duty to make a decision in a non-partisan manner based on the evidence and not based on opinion polls. This is the only way justice can be served. Everything else makes me very suspicious of the political and judicial process.
Meg Kennedy
Boone, NC

No,the President should remain,as he has done what any married man would do to protect themselves from the agony of their mate finding out. He has done no harm to the United States and Congress is only looking out for votes as if none of them are GUILTY of such conduct.
Frank Altimare
Forestville, Md.

No. I feel more sorry for him, but don't feel his moral and ethical standards meet the standard for the most powerful position in the world.
Lucille Logan
Irvington, VA

Intentionally, I have not viewed the grand jury testimony. It is a blatant attempt to embarass our President of the Untied States by a partisan Congress. This unnecessary attempt at humiliation should not be condoned and has resulted in promoting America as a country obsessed with scandal and sexual misconduct rather than a world leader. Our reaction as leaders of the free world should lead people to question our judgement and entire political system. If we are to uphold such high moral standars. let our congress men and women be scrutinized to the same degree.
Rebecca Banks
Hollidaysburg, PA

Yes. Now I am absolutely sure he should resign or be impeached. President Clinton is obviously playing a game with the investigators and the American people. In his feeble attempt to weasle out of the lies he told, he is trying to confuse the situation with semantics. His genitalia came out of his pants and he was aroused. That, in any terms, is "sexual" and means he lied under oath. He is treating his office and this country with no respect!
Richmond, VA

I still believe he should stay. It's clear he was being hounded by an investigation that had nothing to do with Paula Jones, and I share his indignation at the way the prosecutors attempted to dredge up anything they could on him -- which turned out to be intimately private matters. And like Clinton claims, all this was done to later be leaked (which it was) to put him in a bad light. Do Americans truly believe their president (any of them) is some super-human who is above all human flaws? Who never gets angry or flustered? Who can't have a private life, and who is supposed to serve as some shining example of pure morality? Maybe we should vote for Santa Claus in the next election, then. And so much for the so-called "family values" of Republicans, who put out this material with no concern for America's children, at the same time decrying Internet "indecency". This shows their true colors.
Washington, DC

He should remain. I think republicans have misjudged the people's reaction to the action they are taking. They will pay in the elections.
Terry Demaio
Tampa, FL

I think that the president's inability to lead in the wake of this scandal should not be questioned. He lacks the moral authority to run this great nation. Let's not forget the incident in Columbus where Madeline Albright et. al. were shouted down over military actions in Iraq. Watching him squirm, evade, parse words, and give long off-subject diatribes against his opponents only confirms what has been established since January; he cannot lead us. I wish he would leave us.
Jennifer Reardon

Not one bit, the U.S. House should be ashamed of themselves. Calling this "a Constitutional thing"--Bull! In my opinion Ken Starr's ego wouldn't let him taste defeat in the Whitewater case so he had to get even. He is no defender of justice, just the opposite.
Roger Hornsby
Orofino, Idaho

The partisan manner in which Congress appears to be approaching the issues surrounding President Clinton's confessed mistakes are nothing short of disgusting especially given the reaction of the world and our own markets to this continuing story. Our nation can ill afford a prolonged scandal, so these issues should be either dropped or quickly put behind us.
Bob Clark
Fredericksburg, VA

No, it has enforced my very low of opinion of Kenneth Starr and the republicans who have a hidden agenda to public humliate the president. If common sense prevail(which the president did not use), what married person would admit to an affair if both parties agree to remain silent. Monica and her mother will be very wealthy ladies soon.
D. Holmes
Raeford, NC

I do not understand Congress' rationale for releasing the tape, other than to embarrass the President and seek political gain. What does the tape add? Is it necessary for the American people to see and hear these details, few of which are relevant to the ultimate question of whether the President obstructed justice or committed an otherwise impeachable offense?

I do not believe the President will be impeached, nor do I believe that he will resign. That said, I do not see how the President can be politically effective for the remainder of his term - so in that respect the President might consider resignation at some point for the good of his party. The upcoming Congressional elections may tell the President (and all of us) a great deal about his ability to move any legislative agenda forward in the 106th Congress.

Ultimately, I believe what we will face in the next two years is a politically impotent President and a Congress completely unafraid to challenge the President's agenda. Watch the veto pen - it promises to loom large! Political discourse - which has not been particularly inspiring over the last 6 years anyway - will further degenerate. The 2000 campaign will be the ugliest yet. This, unfortunately, will be part of the Clinton legacy.
Robert Kinney
Alexandria, Virginia

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