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Your Views on Clinton's Grand Jury Testimony

Clinton, Lewinsky, Starr
Has viewing the grand jury testimony of President Clinton changed your opinion on whether he should remain in office? Send in your opinion and read excerpts below from other readers.

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No, this President has a problem with telling the truth even under oath. He should resign the office and return to private life. I do not believe that he is uniquely qualified to lead this nation. There are others more qualified, especially morally, to provide this leadership.
Inverness, FL

I have only had the opportunity to view portions of his grand jury testimony. However, I find it amusing that a human being could have the dogged determination to speak for nearly 4 hours and still avoid offering a single genuine answer. I believe that he tells the truth only when he speaks of his contempt for his adversaries and his own self-pity. This testimony is indicative of a man who is merely trying to convince himself that his lies are in fact truth. Perhaps, in theory, he is no longer lying because he believes the stories that he has worked so hard to fabricate. I believe that he should remain in office because he will forever be a testament to our society's acceptance of deceitful behavior throughout our ranks. He is no more guilty than the citizens of this country who have (so-called popular opinion polls)grown to accept this behavior as an inevitable evil that accompanies all of our political leaders in their "service" to our nation.
Washington, DC

Yes - Before I thought he should resign and if not be impeached. Now I am wondering if criminal charges might be involved. I am now more ashamed of our leadership than I was.
Aaron Cruise
Long Valley, NJ

No. I don't think he should resign, and I'm tired of having this business rammed down my throat (pun intended) by the media and Congress. I won't be bullied into calling for his impeachment. I certainly wish he hadn't done this, and my heart goes out to Hillary and Chelsea, but this is not anything that I need or want to know about.
Susan Riley
Brookline, MA

I am more convinced than ever that this issue has mushroomed far beyond its significance. The President should be retained and allowed to do his job. As a result of this fiasco, I will vote against my republican representative for the first time in 10 years. This is the most partisan congress I have seen in my 54 years. Congress is not doing their jobs by any account, and should be held accountable in the next election. Why can't they pass the appropriations bills on time rather than focusing all their attention on Bill Clinton's sex life? They are more interested in embarrassing the President than serving the people of this country. When their hatred for Clinton over takes their service to the country we are in trouble.
Frodried, C
Reston, Virginia

I refuse to view the video. Releasing the tape was a violation of the basic standards of fairness and goes against the rules regarding every other type of grand jury testimony. We've heard far too much of Starr's case as the prosecutor. When may we hear the other side of the story?
Kathy Anderson
Portland, Oregon

I believe that Clinton should remain in office. The grand jury testimony looked like an attempt to trip the President up with the asking of the same questions time and time again. His behavior was indefensivable, but the Starr report looks like a witch hunt and an attempt to force the President from office by embarrassing him .

As much as many Americans like Bill Clinton. He just can't be trusted anymore and should not be in office. His answers during the grand jury testimony were evasive and indirect where they could have been direct and forthright. It only confirms to me that he is not honest. If he in fact broke the law, he should not remain in office. Simple as that. I can forgive him for his conduct. His remaining in office is a different matter. In summary, all of this is embarrassing and a dark moment in our nation's history. I hope the media begins to focus on what Americans can learn from this sad episode, so at least it can have some redeeming value.
Keith Priestly
Cleveland, OH

The Republican "wise men," so eager to use this tawdry soap opera for political gain, have succeeded chiefly in revealing their own uncontrollable lust -- a lust for power.
W.N. Peterson
Chevy Chase, Md

From what I have read so far, it is helpful to Clinton, and so from a former position of "undecided." I am inclined that he should stay in office. So far, there is no evidence of "treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors" commited by the President.
JoAnne Cobble
Independence, KY

Seeing that tape has chnged my mind. I first thought that the President wouldn't be able to stay in office. Now, after seeing the conduct and point-of-view of the prosecution it is clear that the President was led into these miniscule situations which led to inaccuracies. The prosecution, question after question, attmepted to get him to lie. They led the witness, which is usually illegal. PS, THis started to show that the President can be sued and that he is no different. It has ended by showing that somehow, this "normal" is taking shots that are illegal... including airing "taped" grand jury testimony as well as releasing this data. So which is it?
J Heiser III
York, PA

No it has not, however it has changed my opinion about congress..It is now clear to me and all of America that they are truly out to get the president and will stop at nothing to do so.
Tavon Coleman
Forestville, Maryland

I don't intend to view it. The congress acted irresponsibly in releasing this video tape to the public. It is a complete violation of a persons rights. The most heinous criminal has had a fairer trial then our president. Maybe the constitution could not envision the bipartisianship battle that is taken place. There is no leadership simply self serving politicians. History will not treat them well.
Maria Green
Bedford, MA

He probably deserves the shame that's being heaped on him. It's nice to see one of these womanizers get their due. However, this whole thing is about lying about sex. Anyone who had done the things he has done would certainly try to conceal the truth from the public. But we have to ask ourselves: did they have the right to make him tell these things about himself? The Paula Jones case was about harassment. The Monica Lewinsky matter had nothing to do with harassment. By Monica's own admission, she was the aggressor. The whole thing smacks of trying to entrap the president of the United States for political purpose. And who is lying to the American public when senators and congressmen go before TV cameras and declare with feigned sincerity that their decisions in this matter will not be political when every decision so far has gone along party lines? This is not Watergate. He should stay in office.
C. C. Murray
Crawfordsville, IN

I'm a lifelong Democrat and was continuing to suppport the President, but after watching the grand jury testimony I've decided that Clinton just can't be trusted any more -- he is just too cute with his language (parsing words, etc) and it is not fair to world leaders to require them to attempt to ascertain what Clinton really means when he speaks
Charles Todd

The video should not have been shown. Obvious harrassmment of the president. Purely partisan. I am disappointed in my Republican party.
Columbia SC

I am one of the Gen Xers who is supposed to be unfazed by this, but I find myself extremely disturbed that a president I voted for twice would be this deceitful. He is responsible for his actions and he should quit. What about all the people who defended him (i.e., Curry) who now have expensive legal bills to say the least and at the most felt forced to comprimise their morals for their boss. I can't believe that is is it too much to ask to have a President who has good policies and also is a decent. honorable human being.
Dianne De Roze

I'm tired of this scandal repeatedly interrupting my daytime soaps!
Baltimore, MD

I have watched approximately 4 hours of the Clinton video and see no reason why it had to be released to the public. The Judiciary Committee should decide these matters in private, or in publc hearings. It is not necessary to provide an opportunity for the public to view and pre-judge these issues. It is the Congress - in both houses - that will setle this on behalf of the people and NOT the people directly. I am a Republican.
Bishop A. Edward Bell
Oakland, CA

After watching only a few minutes of the tapes I was sick. He dodged all the questions with an "I don't recall". I do feel it is our right as Americans to see the testimony, but I also feel that he damaged himself enough already without the help of these tapes. He needs to do the only ethical thing left-resign.
J Lyon

My opinion has not changed. This entire story is getting out of hand. As a registered Democrat and an American, I am embarrassed not by his trangressions with Monica Lewinsky but by his self-serving attempts to shade the truth, deflect blame and feign contrition. President Clinton has the opportunity to salvage my faith that there is some basic goodness in this man. He should do the honorable thing and resign for the good of the country and the good of his family. Sadly, there are two reasons he won't until the very end, if at all. He's too selfish and Hillary won't let him.
Paul B.
Wakefield, MA

Viewing the testimony only enforced my opinion that he is not truthful, that he is playing with the facts, so they will remain hidden, that he is only worried about his own life. Not the nations. He should be impeached.
Patricia Fallica
Kent, WA

Everyone who is calling President Clinton to resign because he loss should have been doing the same thing when George Bush said he was out of the loop and Ronald Reagon said he didn't remember. Get off your moral high horses and stop being so hyprocritical!
Washington, DC

He should remain in office. This testimony about a private personal relationship should never have been released. This investigation has become an inquisition and reeks of McCarthyism.
Helen Mallon
West Hazleton, PA

Yes. I now believe he has deliberately lied to the courts and the American people. He should be impeached.
Bob Jones
Fort Worth, Texas

It has solidified my belief that he is unfit to hold the office of President of the United States
Michael A. Gormley
Bethesda, MD.

If I had any doubt the President was lying under oath before, I certainly don't have any doubts now. I feel very strongly that he should resign immediately.
Eliot A. Jardines
Reston, Virginia

My support for him is stronger and he should remain in office. The real crimes here are the OIC, the very bad Supreme Court decision relating to Paula Jones, and poor journalism.
Orange, CA

My initial reaction to seeing Bill Clinton on TV waiting to testify was sympathy. But as the deposition unfolds, the tortured semantics and legal hairsplitting to avoid telling the truth disappointed me. Clearly he lied under oath and perhaps there was obstruction of justice. They were his deeds not the Judiciary Committee's deeds that got him in trouble. I do not believe in censorship: I wanted to see Clinton testify in his own words without the filter of spin doctors. For the Judiciary Committee to have not released the tape would have been to continue the cover-up of the last 7 months. While I am more sympathetic to him as a person, viewing the tape has not changed my mind: he should resign.
Jim Herlihy
San Francisco

No. He should still remain in office. If anything this video has reinforced the public opinion polls to keep the Prsident in office but with some reprimand. The supporters behind the release of the "Video" and "Report" underestimate the American people. The President has reacted to questioning as any other American of similar subject matters. Republicans and coward Democrats, LEAVE THE PRESIDENT ALONE!
Pamela Perillo
White Plains, Maryland

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