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Your Views on Clinton's Grand Jury Testimony

Clinton, Lewinsky, Starr
Has viewing the grand jury testimony of President Clinton changed your opinion on whether he should remain in office? Send in your opinion and read excerpts below from other readers.

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no, only confirmed that this is just about sex and not about running the country. Who cares if he lied about adultery? What person caught in the act, wouldn't lie - even to the grand jury? Give us a break. I'm tired of paying for this type of investigation. Let's move on.
Mark Holmes

No. He should go. It doesn't matter what you lie about...lying is lying. He lied. He should go.

No, and so what? One month before the elections? This is by far the most politically motivated action ever taken by the Republicans. And it will backlash. But if we are to see the tape, how about the entire grand jury transcript. All four years. Would you all print that?
Bethesda, MD

The term "Slick Willy" has never been a great mystery to most intelligent Americans, but the video tape clearly demonstrates that this President is not about leadership, but about spin and distortion. I don't trust him to lead our military or our country, and he needs to go. There are too many great leaders waiting in the wings to let this idiot continue one more day!
Chris Taylor
Forest Lake, MN

No. I believe the President should stay in office. He only did what most Americans would do if confronted about an adulterous affair. What will Starr due next...put the infamous blue dress on display for the American people to see. It's time to move on with more meaningful things that concern our nation.
Robb Mann
Washington, DC

I listened to the whole testimony on CSPAN radio and I think this proves that the Mr. Starr's prosecutors are on a witch-hunt. Where was Whitewater? Where was travel-gate? Where was missing FBI files? They had the primary witness and all they asked about was the Lewinsky matter. Good job congress! You've turned the government into enterainment better than Jerry Springer.

No. I felt he testified rather well in spite of the continued badgering. I still totally support President Clinton.
Roberto Garza Ybarra
Austin, Texas

It is now clear that the president was set up, basesd on his well known weaknes for sex. This ia a political wichhunt!
Tim Bardos
Potomac, MD

No. He should stay in office. Sen. Ashcroft (R-Mo.) said Clinton "harmed" American people. It hasn't harmed me or anybody I know. It's the Republicans who are harming the American public. They care about one thing: getting Bill Clinton.
Ray Glier
Decatur, Ga.

The best non answerer of our time. If anyone can believe him after watching the twisting of answers, we are indeed, a sorry nation.
Paul Carrozzo
Kirkland WA

Mr. Clinton has now proven beyond any doubt his ability to prevaricate and manipulate the facts. He clearly committed perjury in the face of considerable witness and factual testimony. Impeachment is now inevitable.
Charles Bates

No...he must leave office. I am not saying that he should leave because he had sexual contact or relations or whatever with an intern (although that is disgusting and I cannot believe the National Organization for Women is not in an uproar), but rather he should go because he has undermined his credibility with repeated lies and efforts to cover up what he did. The idea that he is entitled to cover up this affair and lie about it because he wanted to protect his family is sick and splits hair. A lie is a lie is a lie. Bill Clinton is an embarrassment to this country -- yes, he has made several policy decisions which have helped the economy, bu that does not excuse LYING!
Chris Wyche
North Wales, PA

The Republicans have overplayed their hand big time! They had Clinton dead to rights, and now with the release of the Grand Jury videotape they have made him a persecuted martyr! How incredibly stupid. The far right wing of the GOP is rabid and out of control, and will end up blowing it politically.
Rex Biner
Olney, MD

Yes, he has come through as an intelligent and caring person (re: his comments about Bettie Currie's family) while the Starr lawyers came out looking disorganized and mean-spirited.
John Smith

No, he should stay in office. Watching the videotape was judicially revolting. The questioning of the President was anything but "indepedent", and shows that embarrassment was the motive. I've voted both Republican and Democrat in the past, but no Republican will be getting my vote anytime soon.
Bryan Hockett
Elko, Nevada

I believe that Mr. Clinton in avoiding some questions in Paula Jones case, did what was best for the country and the presidency. Mr. Starr can be best described as a paid operative given the task of overthrowing the administration. Mr. Clinton's actions were unwise at best, and he has helped Mr. Starr do his job.
T. Brown
Austin, Texas

After viewing the President's full testimony, my respect for him, and my confidence in him, have increased considerably. I see no reason for him to resign or be impeached.
Jim Gehrlich
New York, NY

It has strengthened my belief he should resign. The videotape convinces me the characterizations in the press have been charitable to the President!
Adrienne Gillen

Although President Clinton used finely minced legalese to get through his deposition, nothing I witnessed rose to the level of an impeachable offense.
James J. Montague
Rosemead, Ca.

I thought he should resign or be impeached before reading the testimony because the facts of both the Lewinski and Paula Jones matters show that he is unfit to be president. I did not watch the grand jury testimony but read it, and he appears impudent and immature. He thinks of himself as a victim and is unwilling to accept responsibility for his actions. The grand jury testimony shows that the president's repeated claims of regret and remorse are as big a lie as his denial of sexual relations.
Billy Eiselstein
Atlanta, GA

There's nothing on the tape that we didn't already know. We saw a President being chivied and humiliated with repeated questions designed to trap him. We all know he committed perjury but in circumstances that do not rise to impeachable offenses. He should remain in office of only to act as a block on the Republican Congress's attempt to pass bad legislation. As for his standing with the rest of the world, the standing ovation he received at the United Nations today indicates he can still be effective in that important area.
Charles M. Proctor, Jr.
Silver Spring, MD

Yes, I voted for Clinton and I still support his policies, but I thought maybe he should resign in order to keep his personal problems separate from the national agenda. However, after viewing the testimony on television today, I definitely want him to stay in office. It seemed evident to me that the only issue is sex, that he didn't tell the whole truth but didn't techically lie and that noone should be humiliated to this extent no matter what his or her office is. I feel the money spendt was a waste and I will vote against the incumbents in congress that brought this whole degradation of the office of the presidencey about. As a registered republican I cast my first democratic vote for Clinton as the Republicans moved to the religious right. I intend to continue to vote against Republicans as long as this type of "moral" inquistion is their policy.
Stephanie Reilly
Boonsboro, Maryland

After watching the video I am convinced that this is all about sex after all. I am surprised that nothing about "Filegate" was in Starr report, something that I feel very strongly about. I don't believe the president should be impeached, or even centured abou the Lewinsky matter, however, if implicated in "Filegate", he should be impeached and put in jail if possible. For now he should stay in office. He's been a very good president, the best in my lifetime.
Serjik Zargarian Tulsa

No, my opinion has not changed - he should, of course remain in office. On the other hand, I am now definitely determined to show up at the voting booth on November 3'rd to let the Republicans know what I think of their 4 year long smear campaign against a Democratic President and for turning the political forum in this country into a soap opera. Their abuse of the judicial institutions for privying into the President's private life is a disgrace for any nation that considers itself to be a constitutional state. It appears to me that the political methods the Republicans employ today have a striking resemblance to the methods used by the communist regimes during the 70'ties in order to bring down western leaders.
Peter Haahr Christensen
San Jose

No, it just makes me despise the hypocritical republicans even more.
Sid Lister
Austin, Texas

No. I think he should remain in office as long as he demonstrates that he can be effective. I don't think adultery and trying to cover it up are grounds for impeachment or resignation. A local clergyman had it right at last Sunday's service when he wryly invited all those who had cmmitted adultery get up and leave. When no one moved, the congragation laughed and applauded. We then went on with the service.
Joe Fitzpatrick
Brewster, MA

In a broader sense, this is a debate over what Americans want the President of the United States of America to be and/or to do. They have to decide whether they want the President to lead them with morality and integrity or they want the President to help them overcome problems with health-care, inflation, unemployment etc. The choice is simple.

This man needs counseling and needs to step aside until he gets his personal life back in order. It does affect his ability to govern.
Fairfax, Virginia

NO I watched the entire tape program--what a fraud-- I heard nothing new--If this is what we get for the millions of dollars that we the taxpayers have been charged--wow--this is the biggest scam yet!!!!!! I am digusted to say the least and this November I will make it known at the polls as should all Americans who are capable of thinking and understanding what we have just witnessed...
Merlin Blakley
Rochester, NY

No. He should remain in office to complete his term. Politicians should not be able to undo an election for the people, by the people and of the people. What will they try next if this doesn't turn our views negatively towards the president?
Masury, Ohio

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