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Your Views on Clinton's Grand Jury Testimony

Clinton, Lewinsky, Starr
Has viewing the grand jury testimony of President Clinton changed your opinion on whether he should remain in office? Send in your opinion and read excerpts below from other readers.

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I am absolutely appalled at the conduct of Our President, Our Congress and Our House of Representatives. I am a stanch Republican and didn't vote for Pres. Clinton but I think absolutely NO ONE is showing any sense whatsoever. Every one of them are hypocrites including our illustrious congressmen from Utah. They all run on the premise of what is best for the country and they are trying to persuade me and the American people that this is best for the country. I THINK NOT!!!!! Thank you for letting me spout off!!
person: Melanie
town: Salt Lake City, Utah

No-but it has changed my opinion about the Press accounts and the Republicans. Either you guys are playing politics or you have lived a very sheltered life. The Repubicans are not the family values party or they would not have allowed Mr. Peepers ( Ken Starr) to insult everyone's intellegence for the sake of trying to dirty of up the laundry. Shame on those Democrats who are not standing up for Clinton!
person: Jerry Pippin
town: Muskogee, Oklahoma

Yes, He is a disgrace. He must be removed.
person: Russ Buczkowski
town: Chicago

No. I still want him out of office. I did, however, feel sorry for him and think this could backlash (a little).
person: David Nance
town: Austin, TX

My opinion hasn't changed, but I doubt anything could really change it. I think this president should be removed from office, no matter how frivolous the charge. I do think, however, that the release of this tape will only degrade the impeachment process in the eyes of the public.
person: Alex Daskalakis
town: Alexandria, Virginia

Dante tells us that Divine Justice weighs the sins of the coldblooded on a different scale than those of the warm hearted. If this is true, and I think it is, Kenneth Starr and his Republican lackeys on the Judiciary Committee will have much to answer for. I pray for a backlash against their cruelty. Clinton should definitely remain in office. Reaction to this scurrilous inquisition will be an IQ test for the country; I hope we pass. God help this nation if the Starrs, Falwells, and Robertsons among us are allowed to prevail.
person: Dorothy J. Conley
town: Mascot TN

I believe Mr. Clinton should resign from office. Although I voted for him, I find his lying and sex acts alittle too much for me. I also feel that Monica played her part real well. She played the game and got caught up in her own game. Neither of these two people are innocent victims. I hope tha tMr. Clinton has learned from this, but I doubt it. SO, I really feel that he should resign.
person: Margaret H.
town: Frederick, Md

At first i was against viewing the video, but now i am glad i did have a chance to see for myself how well the President handled the interview. He was direct and never to my knowledge lost control or showed any anger, yes he was upset, any one in that position would be, I am still in favor of letting the President, continue to serve our country. What he let happen was wrong, but he has not let it jeopardize our country or the public, I hope people will now let him go on with his work. He has admitted to doing wrong, more than most men would do, and he has sufferred greatly at the expense of politicans, end of the story.
person: Sandra Mehring
town: Des Plaines, IL

I am no sure why Mr. Clinton did not just plead the fifth. He might as well have. I can't believe we have a president that is so untrustworthy and devious. I watched the tape and thought that he came off as evasive and immature. I am ambarrased to have a leader like this and am more embarrased to have voted for him.
person: Jack Savidge
town: Lindenwold, NJ

"It depends on your definition of `alone'" "It depends on your definition of `is'" Will people (including foreign leaders) ever take what he has to say at face value again? I could easily forgive his affair if he had just come forward and admitted to it initially; what I find difficult to comprehend is that he would put his daughter and wife (and country) through this public humiliation in order to cover up a relationship that was eminently forgivable by the American people. His testimony again demonstrates that he is unwilling to make a full mea culpa and let the country move on. Given that, it would be best to let Gore takeover. The presidency and the country deserve a chance to move on; resignation would be the honorable thing to do.
person: J. Ryan
town: Washington, D.C.

It's been said, "What you do in the dark, shall come to light." I personally don't feel that this is the light the public needed to see. GIVE IT A REST.
person: Cheryl
town: Washington, DC

No, seeing his double-talking non-answers just reinforced it. I still think he should resign. It was just another snow job. Back in Jan. when he denied "sexual relations", reporters immediately ran to their dictionaries and began to question whether this was just another play on words to skirt the truth. It was vehemently denied. Now it turns out that that is exactly what he's doing. Will we ever learn?
person: Mary Migala
town: Eagan, MN

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