On Sept. 9, Starr submitted a 453-page report to the House, accusing Clinton of betraying his constitutional duty by engaging in a pattern of "abundant and calculating" lies regarding his relationship with Lewinsky. The report, which contained explicit language, was released on the Internet on Sept. 11. Supporting evidence, including video of Clinton's grand jury testimony and transcripts of tape-recorded phone conversations between Lewinsky and Linda Tripp, soon followed.

Evidence from independent counsel Kenneth Starr's investigation is delivered to the House on Sept. 9. (Susan Biddle/The Post)

Post Stories
      • 'Abundant' Lies Cited in Report (Sept. 12, 1998)
      • Clinton, on Video, Defends Himself (Sept. 22, 1998)
      • Textimony Excerpts: 'You Let Me Down' (Sept. 22, 1998)
      • How It Came to This: The Scandal in 13 Acts (Dec. 13, 1998)

      • RealVideo Clips from Clinton's Grand Jury Testimony
      • Tripp Tape Excerpts in RealAudio

Photo Galleries
      • The Starr Report Is Delivered
      • World Watches Clinton Grand Jury Video

      • Searchable Starr Report
      • White House Rebuttal
      • More Evidence, Including Clinton and Lewinsky Testimony
      • More Evidence, Including Tripp Tape Transcripts

      • Sept. 11-13 Presidential Approval Rating: 59 percent
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