On Dec. 11, after seven days of hearings, a bitterly split House Judiciary Committee voted to recommend the impeachment of President Clinton. On a 21 to 16 straight party-line vote, the committee approved an article of impeachment asserting that Clinton committed perjury before Starr's grand jury. Later that day the committee passed two more articles, alleging perjury in the Paula Jones suit and obstruction of justice. The next day, it passed a fourth, alleging that Clinton abused his power.

Chairman Henry Hyde (R-Ill.) conducts the House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing on Dec. 11. (Ray Lustig/The Post)

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      • House Panel Passes 3 Impeachment Articles (Dec. 12, 1998)

      • Audio and Video of Kenneth Starr on the Stand
      • Audio and Video of the President's Defense
      • Audio and Video of Summations

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      • Post Photos of the Impeachment Hearings

      • Four Articles of Impeachment and Roll Call Votes
      • White House Answers to Committee's 81 Questions

      • Dec. 12-13 Presidential Approval Rating: 63 percent
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