On Dec. 19, the House of Representatives impeached the president of the United States for only the second time in American history, charging Clinton with "high crimes and misdemeanors" for lying under oath and obstructing justice by attempting to cover up his affair with Lewinsky. The Republican-led House voted largely along party lines to approve two of the four proposed articles of impeachment. Clinton later that day vowed once again to stay in office.

Shortly after being impeached by the House, President Clinton speaks at the White House with first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton looking on. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Post Stories
      • Clinton Impeached (Dec. 20, 1998)
      • Analysis: One Week Defines 'Partisan' (Dec. 18, 1998)
      • The Articles Explained (Dec. 18, 1998)

      • Audio and Video from Impeachment Debate and Vote

      • Approved Articles of Impeachment

      • Dec. 19-20 Presidential Approval Rating: 68 percent

Clinton Accused Special Report | Key Post Stories

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