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Committee Lawyers Take Their Best Shots

Compiled by staff
Thursday, Dec. 10, 1998

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Using audio and video tapes, Democratic counsel Abbe Lowell made an impassioned plea on behalf of President Clinton, and sharply attacked evidence in the House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearings.

Summation by Abbe Lowell
Minority counsel, House Judiciary Committee
"Impeachment, removing the chief executive from office, is the political equivalent of the death penalty."
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Clinton Video Deposition in Jones Case
Tape introduced by Abbe Lowell
"I thought you should see the whole picture and hear the amazing exchange among three lawyers and a judge that went into the contorted definition of sexual relations. ..."
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Clinton Grand Jury Video Testimony
Lowell played tape of second deposition
"Put yourself in his position. He was being set up by Paula Jones attorneys and Linda Tripp. He knew there was collusion to embarrass him. "
Streaming RealMedia3 min.       Streaming RealMedia3 min.

Lewinsky-Tripp Phone Tapes
Lowell referred to excerpts of recorded conversation
"Listen to the witness ... do you want the Senate to have to examine what Lewinsky said ... is that what you want to put the country through?"
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Chief Republican investigator David Schippers told legislators in a subsequent presentation that President Clinton had "repeatedly lied" and left them the "sorrowful duty" of removing him from office.

Summation by David Schippers
Majority counsel, House Judiciary Committee
"This is not about sex or private conduct ... it's about multiple obstructions of justice, perjury, misleading statements, witness tampering and abuses of power."
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Evidence Suppression & Witness Tampering
Schippers described how Clinton used his secretary Betty Currie
"Betty Currie was in charge of contacting Monica ... her memory is amazingly fuzzy on this ... but we have proof she called Monica on her cell phone."
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This is a Defining Moment for the Presidency
Schippers concluded the scandal has sullied the executive office
"Our country is at a crossroads. One path leads to moral leadership ... the other ends in dishonor ... is William Jefferson Clinton fit to stay at the helm of state?"
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