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Monica S. Lewinsky on the cover of "Monica's Story." (AP)
March 1999 News Archive

This is an archive of Washington Post news and feature stories from March 1999 about the accusations against President Clinton. Links to coverage from other months are on the News Archive page.

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From Saturday, March 27

The Siege of Little Rock
Many folks in this city are way beyond sick of: Kenneth Starr, the office of the independent counsel, the never-ending media scrutiny and the more than $40 million spent on investigating the alleged misdeeds of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Grand Jury Forewoman Now Silent

From Friday, March 26

Forewoman Would Have Voted to Indict Clinton
The forewoman of the grand jury that investigated President Clinton's dealings with Monica S. Lewinsky said she would have voted to indict the president for perjury even though "I absolutely love him."

Susan McDougal Testifies to Little
Hale Guilty of Lying About Firm

From Thursday, March 25

McDougal Says Ex-Husband Urged Her to Lie
Susan McDougal testified that her ex-husband urged her to say she had a sexual affair with Bill Clinton so that independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr could use the information against the president before the 1996 election.

From Wednesday, March 24

McDougal Breaks Her Silence on Whitewater
Susan McDougal broke her long and stubborn silence on Whitewater, taking the witness stand for the first time to say she knew of no shady financial dealings by President Clinton and "did not hear anything untruthful" when he testified at her 1996 trial.

From Monday, March 22

McDougal Trial Raises Questions of Contempt
The case of Susan McDougal, who was imprisoned for refusing to testify before a grand jury in the investigation of President Clinton, raises fundamental questions about the use of the prosecutorial power to compel testimony from witnesses and punish those who refuse to cooperate.

From Friday, March 19

Justice Investigation of Starr Approved
A federal court cleared the way for the Justice Department to investigate independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr for alleged misconduct in the inquiry that led to President Clinton's impeachment.

Starr Aide Testifies at McDougal Trial
Lewinsky Doodads Don't Fly

From Thursday, March 18

Senate Coalition Might Save Counsel Law
With the independent counsel law due to expire June 30, key members of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee expressed uneasiness about turning over to Attorney General Janet Reno most of the power for investigating cases of misconduct by high government officials.

Grand Juror Defends Starr at McDougal Trial

From Wednesday, March 17

Justice Department Looks Inward to Solve Counsel Dilemma
With the independent counsel statute set to expire July 1, Attorney General Janet Reno is set to tell Congress that the Justice Department should perform most of the work now done by independent counsels unless the matter involves the president or vice president.

Hillary Clinton Said She Spent Little Time on Whitewater

From Friday, March 12

Starr Aide Resigns, May Face Prosecution
Independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr asked the Justice Department to consider criminal charges against his spokesman for allegedly leaking information damaging to President Clinton to a newspaper and then lying about his acts to investigators, officials said.

Witness: McDougal Loan Paid Clinton Debt

From Thursday, March 11

Lawyer: McDougal Feared Being 'Pawn'
Susan McDougal twice refused to testify before the Whitewater grand jury because she feared independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr planned to use her as a "pawn" in his investigation of President Clinton, her attorney told jurors.

From Wednesday, March 10

London Queues To Meet Monica
More than 200 photographers and reporters caught Monica Lewinsky off guard Monday during her first book signing in London. But fewer attended Tuesday's session, and after a good scolding from Lewinsky's handlers, they behaved.

From Tuesday, March 9

Justice Dept. Argues Right to Probe Starr
The Justice Department asserted its power to investigate alleged misconduct by independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr, while Susan McDougal vowed to fight the alleged excesses of Starr's office as her latest trial began.

Lewinsky Plays the Game of Cashing In

From Monday, March 8

Aide's Book Offers Critical Picture of Clintons
With his book, "All Too Human," hitting bookstores this week, former White House aide George Stephanopoulos joins the ranks of former loyalists who made public their observations about the Clintons.

From Saturday, March 6

President Wishes Lewinsky Success
President Clinton said he wishes Monica S. Lewinsky well and does not begrudge her the millions of dollars she might make from interviews and book sales because "she paid quite a high price"for their affair.

Starr Bargained Hard to Limit Lewinsky's TV Comments

From Friday, March 5

On British TV, Lewinsky Stresses Politics
Monica Lewinsky told a British TV audience that there is a "right-wing conspiracy" in America working to drive Bill Clinton from the White House, and that she has "definitely been used as a pawn" by anti-Clinton forces.

Lewinsky Beats the Competition
Andrew Morton, Do Tell!
Smithsonian Snubs Lewinsky's Dress
DeLay Denies Lying Under Oath

From Thursday, March 4

Lewinsky's Scorn Has Many Targets
In a bitter new biography and a television interview aired Wednesday, Monica S. Lewinsky lashed out at independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr, FBI agents, her own lawyer and even the president she loved.

Clinton Looks Past Scandal to Future
Counsel Law Exhumed, for Now
All You Wanted to Know – and Some
Deluge: Stay Tuned for Still More
Reactions: From Absorption to Avoidance
Tom Shales: Once More, With Feeling

Online Extra:
Excerpts: Lewinsky Tells Her Story

From Wednesday, March 3

Lewinsky Tells of Her Hapless Affair
Monica Lewinsky apologized to Hillary Rodham Clinton during her interview with ABC, saying she thought about the first lady "a lot" during her affair with President Clinton but "I never thought she would find out."

Colleague: Starr, Jones Teams Spoke
'Managers' Question Shift on Counsel Law

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