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House Speaker Newt Gingrich. (AP)
November 1998 News Archive

This is an archive of Washington Post news and feature stories from November 1998 about the accusations against President Clinton. Links to coverage from other months are on the News Archive page.

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From Monday, November 30

House Predictions Vary on Move Against Clinton
House Republicans and Democrats are grappling with whether to impeach President Clinton, with some lawmakers saying that a censure might be a more appropriate punishment if the president would clearly admit he lied about his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

From Sunday, November 29

Therapists See Good From Clinton Scandal
At least somebody sees an upside of the neverending talk about Monica Lewinsky. Throughout the Washington area, many psychotherapits say the scandal has touched some patients in personal ways, prompting them to address concerns about their own relationships.

From Saturday, November 28

Clinton Says He Misled but Did Not Lie
Responding to 81 questions posed by the House Judiciary Committee, President Clinton asserted again that he did not lie under oath about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky but acknowledged doing wrong and misleading friends, advisers and the American people.

From Thursday, November 26

Starr Office May Be Open 2 More Years
Independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr's office will remain open for business for up to two more years as it wraps up lingering investigations and prosecutors may consider indicting President Clinton after he leaves the White House, a top Starr aide said.

Open Season On Chelsea? Tabloids Say She's Now Fair Game
Search for Tripp Tapes Turns to Neighbor

From Wednesday, November 25

Perjury Charge Faces Close Vote in House
A preliminary survey by House Republicans looking ahead to a floor vote on impeaching President Clinton found that a single article charging him with perjury would come close to passing while a possible second count of obstruction of justice would fail.

Starr Gets Personal in TV Interview

From Tuesday, November 24

McDougal Acquitted in Embezzlement Case
Susan McDougal, the reluctant witness and enigmatic partner of the Clintons in the failed Whitewater development, was acquitted of unrelated charges that she fleeced famed musical conductor Zubin Mehta and his wife, Nancy, of $50,000 in a credit card and check fraud scheme.

Hubbell Pleads Innocent
Second Hearing to Focus on Perjury Issue

From Monday, November 23

Livingston Wants Up-or-Down Vote on Impeachment
House Speaker-designate Bob Livingston said Sunday he wants the full House to vote on impeaching President Clinton even if it becomes clear that an impeachment vote would not command a majority, and he expressed reservations about a House censure of the president.

From Sunday, November 22

Impeachment Stirs Anxiety Among House GOP
Even as Judiciary Committee Republicans push for or lying about his affair with Monica S. Lewinsky, most other House Republicans appear torn by the decision or eager to find a way out of the thicket.

Frost: Censure Could Be Solution
Jones Says Apology Is Not Important

From Saturday, November 21

Judiciary GOP Closer to Impeaching
The Republican majority on the House Judiciary Committee emerged from this week's nationally televised hearing determined to impeach President Clinton for lying under oath.

Clinton Gives Hearings 'Glancing Attention'
Starr Undercut by Advisor's Resignation
Ethics Consultant for Starr Quits in Protest

From Friday, November 20

Starr Defends His Probe During Partisan Hearings
Independent counsel Kenneth Starr vigorously defended his investigation into President Clinton in the face of relentless Democratic attacks on his own integrity as the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday conducted an impeachment hearing electrified by partisanship.

Analysis: Turning Tables on the Prosecutor
Few Cracks in Starr's Mostly Genial Mask
Hearing Opens With Party Lines Drawn
Whitewater Probe's Insufficient Evidence
Kenneth Starr, With Legal Certitude for All
Media Weigh In on Ho-Hum 'Historic' Event
Tom Shales: Hanging Judge of Babble-On

From Thursday, November 19

Clinton 'Thwarted' Probe, Starr to Say
Independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr plans to tell Congress that President Clinton misused "the machinery of government" and "thwarted the search for truth" in a wide-ranging scheme to illegally interfere with Paula Jones's sexual harassment lawsuit and Starr's subsequent criminal investigation.

Hearings to Reveal Man Behind the Curtain
Gregory Craig, Clinton's 'Quarterback'
Censure: a Debate With a Past

From Wednesday, November 18

Tripp's Tapes: Listening in on a Betrayal
The 22 hours of chatter between Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp became familiar and shocking a sighing, giggling, sobbing soundscape of the American night, and a breathtaking study in betrayal.

Clinton Team Accepts Offer to Query Starr
Legal Questions Bedevil Jones Deal
Media: Tripp Tapes Play to Excess

From Tuesday, November 17

Goldberg: Scandal's Producer and Publicist
Brassy, smart, and by her own account sometimes downright mean, Lucianne Goldberg, 63, did her best to keep the scandal pot boiling.

Lewinsky Gets Book Deal
White House Gets Half-Hour to Query Starr

From Sunday, November 15

House Takes Up 'Awful' Task With Options Unclear
The House Judiciary Committee this week takes up the solemn task of weighing whether to impeach a president while faced with a ticking clock, an unhappy public, and a growing desire by members on both sides of the aisle to craft a way out.

Marine Critic of Clinton Is Chided

From Saturday, November 14

Clinton Settles Jones Lawsuit for $850,000
President Clinton reached an out-of-court settlement with Paula Jones, agreeing to pay her $850,000 to drop the sexual harassment lawsuit that led to the worst political crisis of his career and only the third presidential impeachment inquiry in American history.

Starr Brings 3rd Indictment Against Hubbell
Starr Sends House New Files on Willey
Analysis: Deal Dislodges a Hurdle for Clinton
Text of Jones Settlement Agreement

From Friday, November 13

Grand Jury Probing Tripp Questions Goldberg
Linda Tripp confidante Lucianne Goldberg said that a Maryland grand jury is focusing on when Tripp learned that her secretly taped telephone conversations with Monica Lewinsky were illegal – a key element in proving a wiretap violation.


From Thursday, November 12

Speaker-to-Be Not Making Impeachment a Priority
Rep. Bob Livingston, set to be the next House speaker, talks tough about President Clinton's behavior but privately has suggested he has little interest in pursuing an impeachment inquiry.

Goldberg Will Turn Over Copies of Tripp Tapes
Specter Says End Impeachment Probe

From Tuesday, November 10

Panel to Move Ahead on Impeachment Probe
Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee strongly indicated that they still plan to move forward with impeachment proceedings against President Clinton.

Jones File: Clinton Tried to Shield Officers
Court Lets Stand Rulings on Testimony

From Monday, November 9

Both Parties Seek End to Impeachment Drive
With the prospects that President Clinton will be impeached fading, the White House and congressional leaders are searching anxiously for an exit strategy that for now appears elusive.

From Saturday, November 7

400 Scholars Dismiss Impeachment Case
As a congressional subcommittee prepares to consider what constitutes grounds for impeachment, more than 400 legal scholars are issuing a report saying the case against President Clinton falls short.

From Friday, November 6

Panel Asks Clinton to Admit Lying Under Oath
The House Judiciary Committee submitted 81 questions to President Clinton, asking him if he would admit that he gave "false and misleading testimony under oath" about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

Jones Team Makes New Settlement Proposal
Elusive Tapes Stymie Tripp Prosecutor

From Thursday, November 5

Impeachment Hearings May Be Scaled Back
House Republican leaders began moving to bring a quick end to the impeachment proceedings against President Clinton in the aftermath of midterm elections that provided an unexpected boost to Democrats around the nation.

Gingrich Blames the Media
Newt Gingrich blamed the election results on the media for perpetually flogging the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

From Wednesday, November 4

For Clinton, the Outlook Brightens
For President Clinton, the unexpectedly strong Democratic showing in the elections helped exorcise two spirits who have haunted him in the past -- and was probably the most encouraging news he has had in months about his future.

From Monday, November 2

In Washington, That Letdown Feeling
Washington author and socialite Sally Quinn writes in Style about why the Washington Establishment is so outraged at President Clinton. In short: He doesn't play by their rules.

Poll: Democrats Gaining Support
Gore Stings GOP on Campaign Stump

From Sunday, November 1

Working Amid the Clinton Scandal is a Loyalty Test
Howard Kurtz writes in the Sunday Post Magazine that being a hired hand in the White House means serving as a body blocker, containing the damage and, sometimes, fudging the truth. But what do you do when you find out the president has lied to you?

Starr Probing Willey Allegations
Magnate Gives Paula Jones $1 Million
DeLay Leads Charge Against Clinton
Clinton Foes and Friends Rally on Mall

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