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House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde, left, talks with senior Democrat John Conyers as hearings begin on impeachment proceedings. (AP)
October 1998
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This is an archive of Washington Post news and feature stories from October 1998 about the accusations against President Clinton. Links to coverage from other months are on the News Archive page.

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From Saturday, October 31

Court Probing Starr's Office for Leaks
The judge presiding over the Monica Lewinsky grand jury cited 24 news stories as possible violations of secrecy rules by the office of independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr in ordering a special leak investigation.

Lawyer for Hyde Hired Detective
$1 Million Placed in Trust for Paula Jones

From Friday, October 30

Gingrich Orchestrated Anti-Clinton Lewinsky Ads
The GOP's multimillion dollar ad campaign invoking President Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky was devised by House Speaker Newt Gingrich and tested before more than three dozen groups of likely voters before Republicans unleashed the assault.

From Thursday, October 29

Clinton Asks Voters to Reject Republican Ads
President Clinton appealed to voters to judge Democrats by their policies in next week's midterm elections, and to reject a new Republican ad campaign assailing his integrity as an effort to "distract you and divert your attention."

Clinton Revives Immunity Claim in Lawsuits
Judiciary Panel Spars Over Documents
400 Historians Denounce Impeachment

From Wednesday, October 28

GOP Spends Millions on TV Ads Attacking President's Conduct
One week before Election Day, the cash-rich Republican Party has opened a final $10 million advertising assault on Democrats that for the first time directly attacks President Clinton for his conduct in the Monica Lewinsky affair.

Starr Sought to Bar Clinton Subpoena of His Law Firm

From Tuesday, October 27

Lawyers Accused Clinton of Smearing Jones
Lawyers for Paula Jones last fall accused President Clinton of launching a campaign to "smear" her by soliciting what they said was inadmissible testimony about her sexual habits, according to newly unsealed court documents.

Watchdog Group Urges Probe of Hyde
Top Aides May Face Impeachment Panel

From Sunday, October 25

Starr: Justice Outweighs Executive Privilege
Turnout Sparse for Clinton Rally

From Saturday, October 24

Md. Grand Jury Subpoenas Tripp's Lawyer
Maryland state prosecutor Stephen Montanarelli stepped up his investigation of Linda Tripp's alleged illegal taping of former White House intern Monica Lewinsky on Friday by serving a grand jury subpoena on one of Tripp's lawyers, demanding that he produce any tapes his client made.

House Hearing Set on Impeachment History
On Touchy Subject, Speaker Stays Quiet
Rep. Hansen Makes Assassination Remark

From Friday, October 23

Clinton Fan Hopes for Company at D.C. Rally
A self-employed advertising man is the first to hold a rally in support of Clinton in one of Washington's federal parks.


From Thursday, October 22

Amiable Soldiers Behind Impeachment Lines
Thomas Mooney and Julian Epstein will share a crucial behind-the-scenes role as the top Republican and Democratic staffers on the House Judiciary Committee.

Clinton Lawyers Meet with Judiciary Staff
President Clinton's lawyers met with senior officials working for the House Judiciary Committee but reached little agreement on the scope, standards or procedures for the probe.

Starr Asks for Reinstatement of Hubbell Case
Independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr asked a federal appeals court to reinstate a tax evasion indictment against Webster L. Hubbell.

From Wednesday, October 21

Appeals Court Appears Sympathetic to Jones
Lawyers for Paula Jones and President Clinton took their arguments before an appeals court in St. Paul, Minn. Two of the three judges appeared sympathetic to Jones's request to have her sexual harassment case reinstated.

From Tuesday, October 20

Jones Legal Fights Got Personal, Filings Show
Court documents unsealed by a federal judge Monday show that President Clinton and Paula Jones waged a furious legal battle that delved deeply into the details of both of their lives.

From Monday, October 19

Clinton Rejects $2 Million Jones Proposal
President Clinton rejected a $2 million settlement proposal by Paula Jones, leaving her lawyers scrambling to put together another offer in hopes of heading off a courtroom clash between the two sides.

Goldberg, Son Subpoenaed in Tripp Probe
New York literary agent Lucianne Goldberg and her son have been subpoenaed to appear before the Maryland grand jury investigating Linda R. Tripp's taping of Monica S. Lewinsky.

World Events Eclipse Monica on TV News
Hard as it may be to fathom, the Monica Lewinsky story has faded a bit on the network news.

From Sunday, October 18

Jones Lawyers Propose $2 Million Settlement
Lawyers for Paula Jones formally presented a $2 million settlement proposal to President Clinton's legal team.

Judiciary Committee's Virignia Members in Spotlight
The uncomfortable questions raised by a presidential scandal that revolves around an extramarital affair have made the three Virginians on the House Judiciary Committee wary of their higher profiles.

From Saturday, October 17

As Lawyers Fight for Pay, Jones Is Set to Request $2 Million to Settle
Paula Jones is poised to make a $2 million proposal to settle her sexual harassment lawsuit against President Clinton.

Potential Starr Conflicts Weren't Discussed
When independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr last January requested Justice Department permission to expand his mandate to investigate the Monica S. Lewinsky matter, he did not raise any potential conflicts of interest.


From Friday, October 16

Reduced Expectations Create White House Win
Thursday was especially sweet for a president who just seven days ago became the subject of an impeachment inquiry. With congressional Republicans conceding much of his spending agenda, Clinton demonstrated that he retains political muscle in the domestic arena, while playing international peacemaker at the same time.

From Thursday, October 15

Democrats Intend to Investigate Starr-Jones Ties
As House Republicans move to narrow the scope of the impeachment inquiry launched last week, President Clinton's allies are preparing to widen it in another direction to examine allegations of improper ties between independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr and the Paula Jones legal team.

From Wednesday, October 14

Hyde Says He May Narrow Impeachment Inquiry
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde said he may try to "narrow" the impeachment inquiry of President Clinton, and is considering dropping some of the 15 potential charges announced by the committee's chief investigator.

From Tuesday, October 13

Scandal Makes Conyers a Player Once Again
After 33 years in the House and countless windmills tilted at, Michigan Rep. John Conyers Jr., ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, is back on center stage in a national melodrama.

2 Democrats Defend Votes on Inquiry
After their first vote on the impeachment process, the most vulnerable of House members swallowed hard and went home to face the music at Columbus Day gatherings.

From Monday, October 12

Approval of Congress Drops in Poll
Public support for Congress and Republican congressional candidates has dipped in the wake of last week's partisan vote in the House of Representatives to begin a formal impeachment investigation of President Clinton, according to a new Washington Post survey.

Documents Show How Reporters Chase Stories
Beyond the salacious details and legal maneuvering in Kenneth Starr's latest document dump are fascinating glimpses of the way journalists do business in a political maelstrom.

From Sunday, October 11

How Tripp's Tapes Got to Starr Is a Complex Tale
How Linda R. Tripp came to be intimately involved with the Paula Jones case and the independent counsel investigation of President Clinton is a story of complex motivations on the part of many players, sometimes working toward a common goal and other times at cross purposes.


From Saturday, October 10

Starr May Be Called to Testify
One of the first witnesses the House Judiciary Committee may call to testify at its impeachment inquiry is independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr, the man whose investigation triggered the process.

From Friday, October 9

Impeachment Inquiry Approved; 31 House Democrats Back GOP
The House launched the first presidential impeachment inquiry since Watergate, voting to investigate whether President Clinton committed "high crimes and misdemeanors" by lying under oath and obstructing justice to cover up his affair with Monica S. Lewinsky.

From Thursday, October 8

Clinton Urges Democrats To Vote Conscience
President Clinton said Democrats should vote their conscience when the House of Representatives decides whether to launch an impeachment inquiry.

From Wednesday, October 7

Clinton and Gore Appeal For Support in House
President Clinton and Vice President Gore are personally leading an extensive last-minute lobbying effort to urge wavering House Democrats to vote against the Republican plan for an open-ended impeachment inquiry.

From Tuesday, October 6

Party-Line Vote Opens Impeachment Inquiry
The House Judiciary Committee voted along party lines to open a formal inquiry into whether President Clinton should be impeached for concealing an affair with Monica Lewinsky.

From Monday, October 5

Partisan Panel Meets Today on Clinton's Fate
What both sides agree should be an exercise in civic majesty will instead be an unseemly partisan battle royal.

From Sunday, October 4

Currie, A Key Part of Clinton Scandal
Transcripts of Betty Currie's testimony in five grand jury appearances show she was intent on remaining a faithful personal secretary unwilling to undermine her CEO.

Bid to Trump Inquiry Shelved
President Clinton in recent days discussed with Senate Minority Leader Thomas A. Daschle a plan to quash the congressional impeachment process in its nascent stage. Daschle discouraged the idea.


From Saturday, October 3

Clinton May Face More Than 11 Counts
The chief Republican investigator for the House Judiciary Committee will expand the current list of 11 possible grounds for the impeachment of President Clinton with new counts.

Jordan, Lindsey Tried to Stem Brewing Scandal
The latest release of independent counsel Kenneth Starr's evidence contains telling new details. Among them: that two of President Clinton's closest friends strongly urged him to settle the Paula Jones lawsuit after they heard the first fragmentary reports about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky last January.

From Friday, October 2

President's Lawyers Up Jones Settlement Offer
President Clinton's lawyers have increased their offer to settle the Paula Jones lawsuit.


From Thursday, October 1

House GOP Unveils Plan for Unrestricted Inquiry
House Republicans unveiled an unrestricted impeachment inquiry of President Clinton modeled after the rules used during Watergate.

$62 Million Spent Probing Administration
Kenneth W. Starr and other independent counsels investigating Clinton administration officials have spent close to $62 million during the past four years, according to a new General Accounting Office report.


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