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Key Player:
Robert S. Bennett

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A Washington superlawyer – and the brother of Republican activist William J. Bennett – Robert Bennett has been President Clinton's personal attorney in the Paula Jones case.

In the midst of the swirling allegations about Monica Lewinsky, Bennett, 58, submitted a sheath of motions and supporting material to federal judge Susan Webber Wright, asking her to dismiss the Jones case. Bennett's counterpart on the Jones team, Donovan Campbell Jr. filed an even vaster pile in response.

But on April 1, Wright dismissed the case, giving Bennett the biggest legal victory of his life.

Bennett ceded the spotlight to his normally low-key fellow lawyer David Kendall once the focus shifted from Jones to Lewinsky.

Bennett's history with Lewinsky confidante Linda Tripp dates back to last summer, when Tripp was quoted saying she had seen White House volunteer Kathleen Willey outside the Oval Office in November 1993, looking disheveled and confiding that the president had made a pass at her. Bennett publicly questioned Tripp's credibility – a move that Tripp's friends have said infuriated her and led her to begin secretly taping Lewinsky's conversations about Clinton.

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(Updated October 2, 1998)

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